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  1. Final term paper Principal of Marketing, BIT 4th By Madam Ammara Akram 12 May 2009
  2. Pepsi - Report on Pepsi Cola in Multan Pakistan Presented by group1 (Sheraz and friends)
  3. Syllabus for Final Term
  4. Dalda Foods PVT. LTD. Report & Presentation By Group number 5 (Taha,Imran,Farukh)
  5. Report and presentation On PIZZA HUT by group number 3
  6. Product And Service Decisions YASIR PRESENTATION
  7. (Chapter 7 ) Kotler12e; Customer-Driven Marketing Strategy: Creating Value for Target Customers
  8. New product pricing strategies Presented By razeena
  9. Presentation on Branding Strategy by Imran Khan BSIT07-37
  10. The Product Life Cycle by arqum (Marketing) Kotler
  11. Presentation On Service Marketing (Marketing) By Khuram
  12. Presentation on What Is a Product (Marketing) By Saima Asghar
  13. What are the objectives of the new product development (NDP) process?
  14. (Chapter 10 ) Kotler12e; Pricing Products Understanding and Capturing Customer Value
  15. Group No 9, Presentation on OLPER’S Milk by Engro Food Chemical Lmtd
  16. Group No 8, NJI New Jubilee Life Insurance Company
  17. Report and Presentation on Wateen Telecom is a Pakistani telecommunication company based in Lahore
  18. Group7 - Report & Presentation - LinSol
  19. Personal Selling and Sales Promotion Chapter 19 Kotler12e .ppt
  20. Bukhty's presentation Presentation on Pricing Product
  21. Pricing-Adjustment Strategies by Nadra
  22. Presentation Slides: Setting the total promotion budget and mix By Jameela BB
  23. report on coca cola
  24. [Presentation] Service Marketing
  25. [Presentation] What Is a Product?
  26. Outline for Report on the products ( choosen by the class groups.)
  27. Customer-Driven Marketing Strategy Creating Value for Target Customers Chapter 07
  28. Presentation Material: Chapter 18, Competitor Analysis, (Book: Principle of Marketing By Kotlar)
  29. Please Pray for me, Aaj meri presentation hay , English main :(
  30. Mid term paper Principal of marketing, BIT 4th By Madam Ammara Akram Computer Science Department
  31. Pattern for Marketing Mid Term paper BSIT 2007 to 2011
  32. My Marketing Assignment on Laptop products (Micro & Macro Factors effecting Laptops)
  33. The new Marketing Landscapes [Internet Technology & Not-for-profit Organizations]
  34. What is Marketing and Marketing Concept (1st lecture) 12 January 2009
  35. [BOOK] Principles of Marketing by Kotler