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Free Online Roman Urdu/English/Dictionary Urdu Dictionary that helps you to Check out the meanings of difficult English words .in roman Urdu which is easy understandable for every one.

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Meaning of Go, Dictionary
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Gov. went (wnt), gone (gôn, gn), go·ing, goes (gz)
v.intr.1. To move or travel; proceed: We will go by bus. Solicitors went from door to door seeking donations. How fast can the boat go?
2. To move away from a place; depart: Go before I cry.
3. a. To pursue a certain course: messages that go through diplomatic channels to the ambassador.
b. To resort to another, as for aid: went directly to the voters of her district. See Synonyms at resort.

4. a. To extend between two points or in a certain direction; run: curtains that go from the ceiling to the floor.
b. To give entry; lead: a stairway that goes to the basement.

5. To function properly: The car won't go.
6. a. To have currency.
b. To pass from one person to another; circulate: Wild rumors were going around the office.

7. To pass as the result of a sale: The gold watch went to the highest bidder.
8. Informal Used as an intensifier when joined by and to a coordinate verb: She went and complained to Personnel.
9. Used in the progressive tense with an infinitive to indicate future intent or expectation: I am going to learn how to dance.
10. a. To continue to be in a certain condition or continue an activity: go barefoot.
b. To come to be in a certain condition: go mad; hair that had gone gray.
c. To continue to be in effect or operation: a lease with one year to go.
d. To carry out an action to a certain point or extent: Your parents went to great expense to put you through college.

11. To be called; be known: Our friend William often goes by Billy.
12. a. To be customarily located; belong: The fork goes to the left of the plate. Where do the plates go?
b. To be capable of entering or fitting: Will the suitcase go into the trunk of your car?

13. a. To pass into someone's possession: All the jewelry went to her heirs.
b. To be allotted: How much of your salary goes for rent?

14. To be a contributing factor: It all goes to show us that the project can be completed on time.
15. a. To have a particular form: as the saying goes.
b. To be such, by and large: well behaved, as big dogs go.

16. a. To extend in time: The story goes back to the Middle Ages.
b. To pass by; elapse: The day went pleasantly enough until I received your call.

17. a. To be used up or finished: My interest in such things has gone.
b. To be discarded or abolished: All luxuries will have to go.

18. a. To become weak; fail: His hearing has started to go.
b. To give way; break up: The dam is about to go.

19. To cease living; die.
20. a. To happen or develop; fare: How are things going?
b. To have a successful outcome: creativity that made the advertising campaign really go.

21. To be suitable or appropriate as an accessory or accompaniment: a color that goes beautifully with your complexion.
22. a. To have authority: Whatever I say goes.
b. To be valid, acceptable, or adequate.

23. Informal To excrete waste from the bladder or bowels.
24. Informal To begin an act: Here goes!
25. Obsolete To walk. To proceed or move according to: I was free to go my own way.
2. To traverse: Only two of the runners went the entire distance.
3. To engage in: went skiing.
4. Informal a. To bet: go $20 on the black horse.
b. To bid: I'll go $500 on the vase.

5. Informal a. To take on the responsibility or obligation for: go bail for a client.
b. To participate to (a given extent): Will you go halves with me if we win the lottery?

6. To amount to; weigh: a shark that went 400 pounds.
7. Sports To have as a record: went 3 for 4 against their best pitcher.
8. Informal To enjoy: I could go a cold beer right now.
9. To say or utter. Used chiefly in verbal narration: First I go, "Thank you," then he goes, "What for?"

n. pl. goes 1. The act or an instance of going.
2. An attempt; an effort: had a go at acting.
3. The time or period of an activity.
4. Informal Energy; vitality: had lots of go.
5. Informal a. The go-ahead.
b. often Go The starting point: "And from Go there was something deliciously illicit about the whole affair" (Erica Abeel).
c. Informal A situation in which planned operations can be effectuated: The space mission is a go.

adj. Informal Functioning correctly and ready for action: All systems are go.

Phrasal Verbs: go about To set about to do; undertake: Go about your chores in a responsible way.

go along To cooperate: They get along by going along.

go around1. To satisfy a demand or requirement: just enough food to go around.
2. To go here and there; move from place to place.
3. To have currency: rumors going around.

go at1. To attack, especially with energy.
2. To approach; undertake: He went at the job with a lot of energy.

go by1. To elapse; pass: as time goes by.
2. To pay a short visit: My parents were away when we went by last week.

go down1. a. To drop below the horizon; set: The sun went down.
b. To fall to the ground: The helicopter went down in a ball of fire.
c. To sink: The torpedoed battleship went down.
d. To experience defeat or ruin.

2. To admit of easy swallowing: a cough syrup that goes down readily.
3. To decrease in cost or value.
4. Chiefly British To leave a university.
5. Slang To occur; happen: "a collection of memorable pieces about the general craziness that was going down in those days" (James Atlas).
6. a. To be accepted or tolerated: How will your ideas go down as far as corporate marketing is concerned?
b. To come to be remembered in posterity: a debate that will go down as a turning point in the campaign.

7. Vulgar Slang To perform fellatio or cunnilingus.

go for1. Informal To have a special liking for: I really go for progressive jazz.
2. To attack: an opponent who is known to go for the jugular in arguments.
3. To pass for or serve as: a couch that also goes for a bed.

go in1. To take part in a cooperative venture: went in with the others to buy a present.
2. To make an approach, as before an attack: Troops went in at dawn.

go into1. To discuss or investigate: The book goes into classical mythology.
2. To undertake as a profession or course of study: She's going into medicine.

go off1. To undergo detonation; explode.
2. To make a noise; sound: The siren went off at noon.
3. To leave: Don't go off mad.
4. Informal To adhere to the expected course of events or the expected plan: The project went off smoothly.

go on1. To take place; happen: didn't know what was going on.
2. a. To continue: Life must go on.
b. To keep on doing (something): Don't go on talking.
c. To proceed: She went on to become a senator.

3. Informal To talk volubly: My, you do go on.

go out1. To become extinguished.
2. a. To go outdoors; leave one's residence: He went out at seven.
b. To take part in social life outside the home: goes out a lot.

3. To become unfashionable: High boots went out last year.
4. To undergo structural collapse: The bridge went out.

go over1. To gain acceptance or approval: a new style that didn't go over.
2. To examine or review: go over the test scores.

go through1. To examine carefully: went through the students' papers.
2. To experience: We went through hell while working on this project.
3. To perform: I went through the sonata in 30 minutes.

go under1. To suffer defeat or destruction; fail.
2. To lose consciousness.

go up1. To increase in price or value.
2. To be in the process of construction: Office buildings went up all over town.
3. Chiefly British To go to a university.

go with1. To date (someone) regularly.
2. To select or choose: decided to go with the pink wallpaper.

Idioms: from the word go From the very beginning.

go all the way Slang To have sexual intercourse.

go back on To fail to honor or keep: go back on a promise.

go begging To be in little or no demand: "Prestige or no prestige, directors' jobs at some companies have actually gone begging" (Bill Powell).

go belly up Informal To undergo total financial failure: "A record number of . . . banks went belly up" (New Republic).

go bust Informal To undergo financial collapse: "Railroads were in the news mainly when they were going bust" (Christian Science Monitor).

go by the board To be discarded or ignored: old dress codes that have now gone by the board.

go down the line To provide strong support.

go fly a kite Informal To cease being an annoyance. Often used in the imperative.

go for broke Informal To commit or expend all of one's available resources toward achievement of a goal: "Why not go for broke and take on somebody who is quite young and see what he does?" (Roger L. Stevens).

go for it Informal To expend all one's strength and resources toward achievement of an end or purpose.

go in for1. To have interest in: goes in for classical music.
2. To take part in: goes in for water skiing.

go in with To join in or combine with: He'll go in with them on the plan.

go it alone To undertake a project, trip, or responsibility without the presence or help of others.

go off the deep end To behave hysterically or very recklessly.

go one better To surpass or outdo by one degree: He's gone me one better.

go out for To seek to become a participant in: go out for varsity soccer.

go out of (one's) way To inconvenience oneself in doing something beyond what is required.

go out the window Informal To become insignificant or inoperative: "As soon as a third body is introduced to the Newtonian system, all lawful ordering of processes goes out the window" (Fusion).

go places Informal To be on the way to success: a young executive who is clearly going places.

go steady To date someone exclusively.

go the distance To carry a course of action through to completion.

go the vole To risk all of one's resources in the prospect of achieving great gains.

go to it To begin something right away.

go to (one's) head1. To make one dizzy or inebriated.
2. To make one proud or conceited.

go to pieces1. To lose one's self-control.
2. To suffer the loss of one's health.

go to the mat Informal To fight or dispute until one side or another is victorious: The governor will go to the mat with the legislature over the controversial spending bill.

go to the wall Informal 1. To lose a conflict or be defeated; yield: Despite their efforts, the team went to the wall.
2. To be forced into bankruptcy; fail.
3. To make an all-out effort, especially in defending another.

go to town Informal 1. To work or perform efficiently and rapidly.
2. To be highly successful.

go up in flames/smoke To be utterly destroyed.

go without saying To be self-evident: It goes without saying that success is the product of hard work.

on the go Constantly busy or active.

to go To be taken out, as restaurant food or drink: coffee and doughnuts to go.

[Middle English gon, from Old English gn; see gh- in Indo-European roots.]
Our Living Language Go has long been used to describe the production of nonlinguistic noises, notably in conversation with children, as in The train went "toot." The cow goes "moo." In recent years, however, many speakers have begun to use go in informal conversation to report speech, as in Then he goes, "You think you're real smart, don't you?" This usage parallels the quotation introducers be all and be like. But unlike these other expressions, which can indicate thoughts or attitudes, the quotational use of go is largely restricted to dialogue related in the narrative present, especially when the narrator wishes to mimic the accent or intonation of the original speaker. See Notes at all, like2.

go1vb goes, going, went, gone (mainly intr)1. to move or proceed, esp to or from a point or in a certain direction to go to London to go home
2. (tr; takes an infinitive, often with to omitted or replaced by and) to proceed towards a particular person or place with some specified intention or purpose I must go and get that book
3. to depart we'll have to go at eleven
4. to start, as in a race: often used in commands
5. to make regular journeys this train service goes to the east coast
6. to operate or function effectively the radio won't go
7. (copula) to become his face went red with embarrassment
8. to make a noise as specified the gun went bang
9. to enter into a specified state or condition to go into hysterics to go into action
10. to be or continue to be in a specified state or condition to go in rags to go in poverty
11. to lead, extend, or afford access this route goes to the north
12. to proceed towards an activity to go to supper to go to sleep
13. (tr; takes an infinitive) to serve or contribute this letter goes to prove my point
14. to follow a course as specified; fare the lecture went badly
15. to be applied or allotted to a particular purpose or recipient her wealth went to her son his money went on drink
16. to be sold or otherwise transferred to a recipient the necklace went for three thousand pounds
17. to be ranked; compare this meal is good as my meals go
18. to blend or harmonize these chairs won't go with the rest of your furniture
19. (foll by by or under) to be known (by a name or disguise)
20. to fit or extend that skirt won't go round your waist
21. to have a usual or proper place those books go on this shelf
22. (of music, poetry, etc.) to be sounded; expressed, etc. how does that song go?
23. to fail or give way my eyesight is going
24. to break down or collapse abruptly the ladder went at the critical moment
25. to die the old man went at 2 a.m
26. (often foll by by)a. (of time) to elapse the hours go by so slowly at the office
b. to travel past the train goes by her house at four
c. to be guided (by)

27. to occur happiness does not always go with riches
28. to be eliminated, abolished, or given up this entry must go to save space
29. to be spent or finished all his money has gone
30. to circulate or be transmitted the infection went around the whole community
31. to attend go to school go to church
32. to join a stated profession go to the bar go on the stage
33. (foll by to) to have recourse (to); turn to go to arbitration
34. (foll by to) to subject or put oneself (to) she goes to great pains to please him
35. to proceed, esp up to or beyond certain limits you will go too far one day and then you will be punished
36. to be acceptable or tolerated anything goes in this place
37. to carry the weight of final authority what the boss says goes
38. (foll by into) to be contained in four goes into twelve three times
39. (often foll by for) to endure or last out we can't go for much longer without water in this heat
40. (Group Games / Card Games) (tr) Cards to bet or bid I go two hearts
41. (tr) Informal chiefly US to have as one's weight I went 112 pounds a year ago
42. US and Canadian (usually used in commands; takes an infinitive without to)a. to start to act so as to go shut the door
b. to leave so as to go blow your brains out

43. Informal to perform well; be successful that group can really go
44. (tr) Not standard to say: widely used, esp in the historic present, in reporting dialogue Then she goes, ``Give it to me!'' and she just snatched it
go and Informal to be so foolish or unlucky as to then she had to go and lose her hat

be going to intend or be about to start (to do or be doing something): often used as an alternative future construction what's going to happen to us?

go ape Slang to become crazy, enraged, or out of control

go ape over Slang to become crazy or extremely enthusiastic about

go astray to be mislaid; go missing

(Law)go bail to act as surety

go bush See bush [13]

go halves See half [15]

go hard (often foll by with) to cause trouble or unhappiness (to)

go it Slang to do something or move energetically

go it alone Informal to act or proceed without allies or help

go much on Informal to approve of or be in agreement with (something): usually used in the negative I don't go much on the idea

go one better Informal to surpass or outdo (someone)

go the whole hog Informal See hog [9]

let go
a. to relax one's hold (on); release
b. Euphemistic to dismiss (from employment)
c. to discuss or consider no further

let oneself go
a. to act in an uninhibited manner
b. to lose interest in one's appearance, manners, etc.

to go
a. remaining
b. US and Canadian informal (of food served by a restaurant) for taking away

n pl goes1. the act of going
2. Informala. an attempt or try he had a go at the stamp business
b. an attempt at stopping a person suspected of a crime the police are not always in favour of the public having a go
c. an attack, esp verbal she had a real go at them

3. a turn it's my go next
4. Informal the quality of being active and energetic she has much more go than I
5. Informal hard or energetic work it's all go
6. Informal a successful venture or achievement he made a go of it
7. Informal a bout or attack (of an illness) he had a bad go of flu last winter
8. Informal an unforeseen, usually embarrassing or awkward, turn of events here's a rum go
9. Informal a bargain or agreement
all the go Informal very popular; in fashion

from the word go Informal from the very beginning

12. See get-up-and-go
no go Informal impossible; abortive or futile it's no go, I'm afraid

on the go Informal active and energetic


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