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BZU PAGES: Find Presentations, Reports, Student's Assignments and Daily Discussion; Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan Rules
You must folllow the Following Rules


1) No Spamming - Spamming will not be tolerated. Spamming includes the following: double posting, creating multiple topics containing the same content, bringing post count up, and/or any post containing spam.

2) Duplicate Accounts - No member is allowed to have more then one account! We of course understand if you have forgotten your password or something like that and this is why the admins have MSN listed in there profiles. If you have to sign up for another account for any reason please be sure to let a Admin or Mod know so we can merge your old account with your new one, but be warned that we will delete all the posts out of your old account when doing this, so instead just request the password of your old account via MSN or by using the contact page at the bottom of the site!

3)No Duplicate Topics - Search Before Posting. So it will prevent you from the creation of duplicate Threads, (Check Advanced Search)

4) No Flaming - No flaming of other members. We do not tolerate members attacking each other. This forum is meant for student discussion.

5) No Vulgar Language - Swearing will not be tolerated. A variety of age groups view this forum daily. Swearing will result in a Warning.

6) No Advertising - No advertising of websites. You may however advertise in your signature. Please do not PM members regarding your website. If reported by a member, a account closure will be issued.

7) No Illegal Drugs - No references to illegal drugs. This will result in a permanent account closure.

8) No Warez - No illegal key gens, torrents, or sharing illegal programs. Please do this else where, and not on the forums. This will lead to a permanent forum ban.

9)Be Literate - Try to compose your sentences to the best of your ability. And write with proper English Grammar.

10) No Scamming - The scamming of other members will not be permitted in any way on BZUPAGES, we are very flexible in that we will allow you to try to defend yourself if you are accused of being a scammer, however if more then 2 complaints are filed against you we will ban you for the minimum of 1 month. After that month and you come back to our forums if you continue to get caught scamming we will permanently ban you and your IP as well as other methods of keeping you out of our website!

11)No Pornography - Pornography will not be tolerated. This community is viewed by many age groups. Talking and/or posting pornography may result in a temporary ban or account closure.

12) kindly , Click on thanks button instead of bumping threads just for saying thanks in your post reply... and Do not reply your own posts

Failure to follow the rules may result in a Temporary Suspension or sometimes even Permanent Ban; depending on the severity of the offense. The decision of the Forum Administration is final and can not be changed or challenged.

Thanking You.
- Forum Administration of BZUPAGES.COM

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