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  1. Electromagnetism Final Term Paper BsIT07 December 2008 By Sir Tariq Bhatti
  2. Presentation:Force on a current carrying conductor By Ahmad Group1 (Part2)
  3. Presentation: Magnetic & Electromagnetic Field By Aatif and Shah Rukh Group1 (Part1)
  4. Presentation:Torque on a current loop By Wasif and Sheraz Group1 (Part3)
  5. Presentation: Lenz's Law and Faraday's Law By Nazish & Razeena Group6 (part3)
  6. Energy stored in an inductor By Uzma Noreen Group6 (part2)
  7. Presentation: Motional and Induce Emf; Self Induction By Group 6 ( part1)
  8. Presentation:Step up,Step Down & Types of Transformer;Fully Explain By Group7
  9. Presentation: Capacitors,AC DC source,Electric Circuits By Mudassir's Group 4
  10. Semiconductors By Imran,Taha,Beenish & Tayba's group3
  11. Presentation: Ampere's Law and Guases Law By Khurams and Usman Group 2
  12. Presentation On Insulator,Rectifire,Rectification,LRC and RC Circuits Group5:
  13. Electromagnetism Mid term Paper BsIT07 3rd semester
  14. What is Drift Velocity? , Electromagnetism
  15. Assignment of Electromagnetism: Magnetic Effect of a Current on wires
  16. Series and parallel circuits
  17. Thevenin's Theorem
  18. Voltage and Current Sources
  19. First 2 Lectures of Electromegnatism..