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House Hold Weapons (Note : Be Care !!)
Waqas Ahmed Waqas Ahmed is offline 23-09-2008, 05:04 AM
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House hold weapons

DISCLAIMER- These plans are only for education to show how easy it is for children and people to get ahold of these weapons. Do not make them yourself and if you do I am NOT responsible for the consiquences. So enjoy the document I hope you learn something from it!

Modify a shotgun to an machine shotgun

If your shotgun takes clips just file down the stopping bit. You will need like a thirty round clip or else they run out FAST

Napalm Jelly

There are two ways

1. This way is easiest but not as effective. Take a coffy can and fill it with gas and than put styrophome in it until it is a thick goo. Ad a table sppon of modeling flock to sir in so colour is distinct and wont acidently be consumed as icing.

2. This way takes a week, but a small puddle burns forever! Get a pack of regular geletin. Instead of water put in turpentine, gas, mineral spirits (paint thinner) and any other chemicals you can finde.

Deadly gas bomb

get tow bear bottles fill one with bleach and one with nemonia and tape em together by the openings. (I like to use the little tiny apple juice bottles.

Explosive arrow

-===============o=> <-- Arrow head
/ ^ ^
Shaft ShotGun Primer

Super glue the primer to the arrow and than the arow head to that. If it hits the target hard enough it should make a small exlosion

Nail Bombs

There are many ways to make a nail bomb here are afew.

1. Take a soda bottle and attach nails to it with cly or plumbers puddy. Than fill the bottle with dry ice. Tan put water in the bottle trow and run! Doing it without the nails is non deadly noise making fun.

2. Buy some black powder from your local sporting goods store. take some hemp and soak it in WD40 and dip it in powder (makes the best whick) put a half a bottle of black powder in a beat bottle and fill the rest up with metal shards. (first stick in whick) make sure the whick is long enough. Light and run like youre bein chased by the cops (and u probably will be after this!)

Consealed knife.

1. Take four key rings and a nail or a utility knife blade. Weld Rings together and than weld on the blade. There ya go looks like a key chain

2. Take a piec of metal and fasion it into a V or -- and than put a poin on it (welding best) and than attack it to chain or leather as a necklace.

Missile and launcher

Take some washing machine outlet pipe and cut it in half so it look likke a U and than take a closed off piece opf pipe and attach it (gklue tape whatever) a little stopper in about 3 inches after the pipe. (make it stong enough to hold a hair-spray can. Fill the pipe with gas carasine u know n e thing flamable (you can use gas soaked rag in there as an easy snuff wic instead) light it and put the can in. Get back and take a BB/Pelet gun and shoot the bottom of the can and watch it fly!

/ \

Rocket launcher for hoby rockets

You should have gottern a JPG with this sho check that


Waqas Ahmed

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