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New Technology FileSystem (NTFS)
Waqas Ahmed Waqas Ahmed is offline 23-09-2008, 08:17 AM
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New Technology FileSystem (NTFS)

http://www.microsoft.com/msj/1198/ntfs/ntfstop.htm NTFS 5 information
Rajeev Nagar, Windows NT File System Internals (O'Reilly).
Helen Custer, Inside the Windows NT File System, ISBN: 1−55615−660−X.
NTFS documentation by Regis Duchesne < regis@via.ecp.fr>,
http://www.via.ecp.fr/~regis/ntfs.tar.bz2 or http://celine.via.ecp.fr/~regis/ntfs/new
Microsoft TechNet, February 97, Windows NT Training: Support, NTFS

Accessing NTFS from DOS (NTFSDOS.EXE)

Homepage: http://www.sysinternals.com/ntfs20.htm
Authors: Mark Russinovich < mark@sysinternals.com> and Bryce Cogswell <
Access: Read−only, Long filenames under DOS 7 and Win9x.
NTFSDOS.EXE is a network file system redirector for DOS/Windows that is able to recognize and mount
NTFS drives for transparent access. It makes NTFS drives appear indistinguishable from standard FAT
drives, providing the ability to navigate, view and execute programs on them from DOS or from Windows,
including from the Windows 3.1 File Manager and Windows 95 Explorer.

Accessing NTFS from DOS (ntpwd)

Homepage: http://www.esiea.fr/public_html/Christophe.GRENIER/
Author: Grenier Christophe < grenier@nef.esiea.fr >
Access: Read−only (rw experimental), long filenames supported, no driver letter (dos tools)

NTPwd contains command line tools to access NTFS partition, it'a a Dos port of the driver used by Linux. It
contains too a little utility to change NT password.

Accessing NTFS from OS/2

Homepage: http://www.dsteiner.com/products/software/os2/ifs.htm
Mirror: ftp://ftp−os2.nmsu.edu/pub/os2/system/drivers/filesys/ntfs_003.zip,
Author: Daniel Steiner < info@dsteiner.com >
Access: Read−only, Long filenames supported
ntfs_003.zip archive contains only command line tools to acccess a NTFS partition in OS/2. A true IFS for
accessing NTFS is included in VFAT−OS2 v0.05.

Accessing NTFS from Linux

Homepage: http://www.informatik.hu−berlin.de/~loewis/ntfs/
Author: Martin von Lwis loewis@informatik.hu−berlin.de
Freshmeat: Console/Filesystems
Homepage: http://www.informatik.hu−berlin.de/~loewis/ntfs/ntfs−current.tgz
Mirror: Included in official Linux kernel
Access: RO, experimental RW, compression, no encryption
License: GPL
Works both as a kernel driver, as well as a set of command line utilities.

Accessing NTFS from FreeBSD and NetBSD

Homepage: http://iclub.nsu.ru/~semen/ntfs/
Author: Semen A. Ustimenko < semenu@FreeBSD.org>
Download: As part of FreeBSD ( ftp://ftp.FreeBSD.org/pub/FreeBSD/), and NetBSD (
Mirror: Lookup for FreeBSD's and NetBSD's mirrors
Access: Read + limited writing, doesn't support codepages
License: BSD
Driver allows to mount NTFS volumes under FreeBSD and NetBSD. We also support limited writing ability:
you can write into not comressed files without holes, but you can't change the size of file yet. Write support

was made to swap on NTFS volume.

Accessing NTFS from BeOS

Homepage: http://www.cs.tamu.edu/people/tkg0143/be/
Author: Travis Geiselbrecht < geist@tamu.edu >
Download: http://www.cs.tamu.edu/people/tkg0143/be/downloads/ntfs−0.05−x86−r4.zip
Access: ?
License: Free
This is a ALPHA version of a NTFS driver for BeOS. It is not the most polished thing in the world, but every
release that author puts out is more stable than the last. He just implemented compressed file reads, so be
careful with those. He also finally worked with NTFS 5 volumes, and managed to root out a few bugs.
Author now works for Be Inc, so you will not see his NTFS and ext2 filesystem support updated on the web
much more. The drivers will be pulled into future BeOS releases.

Accessing NTFS from BeOS (another)

Homepage: http://www.sw.com.sg/solutions/ntfs−ro.shtml
Author: Standard & Western Software, http://www.sw−soft.com
Download: http://download.sw.com.sg/pub/Be/ntfs−rod−0302.tar.gz
Access: Read−only.

Repairing NTFS using NTFSDOS Tools

Homepage: http://www.sysinternals.com/
Author: Winternals Software < info@winternals.com>
Access: Read−Write: Copy and replace files.
License: Commercial
An add−on to NTFSDOS that allows one to rename existing files, or to overwrite a file with new data. Very
limited functionality. 5.9 Repairing NTFS using NTRecover
Homepage: http://www.sysinternals.com/
Author: Winternals Software < info@winternals.com>
Access: Freeware version is read−only, commercial version is read/write.
License: Freeware read−only version, commercial read/write version
Uses a boot floppy and a serial connection to a second NT system to provide full access to a NTFS drives on
dead NT systems. Ideal for salvaging data or replacing drivers.

Waqas Ahmed

My education, expertise and experience as follows:
MS (CS), M.Sc.(TS), CCNA, CCNP, RHCE (prepared),
Adobe Photoshop, FLASH.
VMWARE Server. Windows 2003 Server, Apache Server, Squid Server, etc.
You can also get training from any of above or gain services.
Mobile : 0313-7359605
Email : waqqas1@yahoo.com
Company : www.vision2define.com

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