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  1. chapter#5:Virtual Private Network...!!!
  2. chapter#4: IPSec
  3. Chapter#3: Telec0m and netw0rk
  4. Chapter#2:Netw0rk Services...!!!
  5. Chapter#1:Cryptography and Network Security
  6. Final term Paper Network Management and Security Sir Moizuddin (11-5-2010)
  7. Router On A Stick
  8. Distance vector versus link-state
  9. Eigrp Configuration by Shah Rukh
  10. Inter Vlan Routing, Routing on Stick By Shah Rukh
  11. CCNA Security Official Exam Certification Guide Exam
  12. Remote Access SSH, Radius, Tacacs+, PPTP, L2TP, VPN, IPSEC
  13. DNS: Domain Name System - Presentation by our group
  14. Commands for Creating Loopback and Rounting by RIP Protocol; Lab
  15. Mid Paper Network Management and Security Sir Moizuddin (8-3-2010)
  16. Cisco Memory Components (System Architecture)
  17. Chapter 2 Introduction to Management Approach
  18. Commands for Setting up Static and Default routing between 2 different networks, (Lab txt)
  19. Cisco Devices & Routing Functionality; Slide # 5
  20. Lec slide#4:Organizational Aspects of Management;MIB; Network Management OSI functional classification
  21. Lec slide#3:Introduction to Cisco Devices ;VLAN & Trunking
  22. Cisco Packer Tracer 5.2 For Windows Download
  23. Lec slide#2:Introduction to Cisco Devices Lecture slides
  24. Commands used to create VLAN in switches (Lab Text)
  25. Network Management Fundamentals By Alexander Clemm (Download PDF)
  26. Lec#1: Network Management Basics