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  1. Daikh Bhai University tu BZU honi chahiye
  2. 3 Idiots Part 2 (What is a Post?)
  3. Gaaliyan
  4. Sharam magar in ko nahi aati
  5. Jab hum Jin tha
  6. Pathan aur bachon ke naam
  7. Bewaqoof Koon?
  8. Aik kisaan ki ghalti say uska Tractor
  9. O ay Mujhh (Bhains) ay e
  10. ی Ә ی
  11. Aik din aik larka air port per
  12. Teacher, Aik Dafa ka Zikar hay ke
  13. Girl: aj meri dil ka operation hay
  14. Doctor Sahab Meri Biwi Behri Ho gayi Hay..
  15. Aik Admi Sawat kia tu.
  16. Larki nay Ghar Dakhil hotay hei Hangama Khara kar dia
  17. ی ј ی
  18. Janwar , Janwar hota hay Ghada ho ya Shair
  19. Insani Dil per Note Likhain
  20. When you give answer but
  21. 95% of teachers act fake
  22. Sir kia wahan bhi Bhutto zinda hay
  23. What comes first, Day or Night?
  24. Doctor to Girl : kya ap har waqt haklati hain
  25. Nawaz Gayle conversation , Gayle PTI Bat
  26. Le Math Teacher v Class
  27. Bahar ki Ammad - Khizan ki shaam dhalne ko hay
  28. English Bolna konsi Fakhar ki baat hay
  29. A Hairan Kunn Saanp ki qisam
  30. Defeat of Sleep
  31. Suwar.kab se chal raha hai ye sabb
  32. When your Match Teacher look at your paper during exam
  33. When you are actually telling truth
  34. I have installed windows 8 , Oh its too old :D
  35. Barood Khan and his causions
  36. A Programmer looking for a wife
  37. Story of MATHs
  38. The human body in html and php
  39. Shaadi ke baad Wife ne pucha
  40. To the Point Bacha (Qabile Deed)
  41. Dial kernay say pehlay
  42. 3 boys proposed a girl
  43. Aisi product jis se ap ko koi nahi daikh sakta
  44. Why English is hard to learn
  45. One million copies of a new book
  46. Larki Choro na
  47. Boy: Call me shona!
  48. Best Place to
  49. Girl during interview
  50. Soya Howa Insan Pani Ki Bondon Se
  51. Aik bache se ek aadmi ne uski age pochi..
  52. How web browser works
  53. Reflection and deep thoughts about the origin of life
  54. Sawal ka jawab , aur Chhuti
  55. Shanaakhti Card aur Memory card
  56. Son to Mom i want a new
  57. Sacha waqia, aik bazurg kisi kay ghar
  58. Don't you just feel like killing that STUDENT
  59. Its time for group assignment
  60. Logic is actually is cute
  61. Girl Asked, Why We Have Units To Measure?
  62. Teacher: Define Physics?
  63. How boys feel sorry after hurting their G.f.
  64. Restrictions for two persons on A BIKE (Double Sawari per pabandi)
  65. Faculty of Medicine, What students really do...
  66. My boss asked me to start presentation with the Joke
  67. Calling dad , Mobi tune Wo hamsafar tha
  68. Did not you tell her about your rich uncle
  69. Larkiyon ko kale jootay kale kapray
  70. Funny Talaq Naama
  71. Gillani ka Swiss Govt ko Khat
  72. Dad what is an idiot
  73. Changing Exam Pattern
  74. Tip # 42
  75. 10 Hazar rupee do, main lota don ga
  76. Two Ladies Fighting For A Seat In A Bus ..
  77. Best Way To Live In ''KARACHI'' With Peace!
  78. Diff B/W Commerce & Science Questions:
  79. Leave Application By a K.G Student
  80. Expectation vs Reality
  81. Good artists copy, great artists steal
  82. Shaadi ki 14th ANNIVERSARY pe HUSBAND gehri soch mai tha
  83. Asif Zardari Ka Byan, Bas Rate Idhar Udhar hoye hain
  84. Jaan Can I Touch U??
  85. Marriage is like eating in a Resturant
  86. A day without Internet
  87. Equation, How boy and girls rates each other
  88. I am a great fan of Thomas Edison
  89. shareef larkay dunya k har konay may mil jatey hain,
  90. Facebook story :
  91. Bululay
  92. Bululay
  93. Teacher : Google is a girl or a boy ?
  94. Momo (bulbulay) conversation with imran khan
  95. Define Student..?
  96. Height of flirting by student
  97. Driving test: what do u do at a red light?
  98. SOo Funny.....
  99. Night......
  100. Crying about his salary
  101. Reply Must.............!!
  102. HeIgHt oF FLiRtInG :
  103. Interesting thing about tom & jerry...!
  104. Sardar to his mother
  105. Husband:" Judge sahab mujhe divorse chahiye,
  106. Exam ki rat k0 student ne tos kia
  107. Advantage of pillow:
  108. Agar life mai kabi aapse koi mistake hojaye.
  109. Teacher: Class Main Larai Kyon Nahi Krni Chahiey. .
  110. News update: president zardari hospitalized in Dubai. . .
  111. Worlds shortest joke
  112. Question by a Student
  113. Girl to Teacher: Ye Pyar kya Hota Hai?
  114. IQ test: Char zero ek saat likho..
  115. Teacher: "Batao Dog Shadi q Nahi Karta?"
  116. Two medical students were walking along the street
  117. If you do not find something
  118. Teacher: which book has helped u most in ur
  119. Interviewer: Let me check your word Power.
  120. Udhar sirf 80 aur 90 saal k logon k liye
  121. Only for unmarried people
  122. Wife: Suno doctor ne muje......,
  123. Shak Ki Inteha ... :D :p
  124. Har Larki K Chahry Pr Naqab Hota Hy
  125. -Assgnments Copy karte Time:
  126. Aj subah thanday pani se mun dhOo k ehsaas huwa :P
  127. My Wi-Fi suddenly stopped working
  128. Cricketers:
  129. Google in 2084
  130. Main udaas hun
  131. Stop Gender Discrimination
  132. Life before computer and internet
  133. Wife to husband:
  134. Girl : Mcdonalds chalain bhook lagi hai
  135. 5 Hazar Rupee ki dua aur Asif Zardari
  136. Boy: What did one leaf say to the other?
  137. Sardar 1st time in plane going to Bangladesh
  138. He is the one who kill your father
  139. Traffic police chalan book nikaal ke bola: 'Naam bol?'
  140. Why mother is so special
  141. A boy loved a girl.. but She rejected.
  142. I am n0t scared 0f pr0p0sinG a girl...
  143. Airhostess: Sir Aap Kya Lein Gay??
  144. Girlfriend : "Last night I had a dream of you."
  145. A Sad Mother was Sitting with her Son..
  146. Stuff students do in class room
  147. Real difference between men and women (Bluetooth Wifi)
  148. The average person tells 4 lies
  149. If they Give Me Questions Which i dont Know
  150. Mother in Law
  151. Salman(salma api ki aamad)
  152. What a Generation Gap
  153. Father of the Bride...
  154. That's the power of media...
  155. A 21st Century Marriage
  156. Height of "Aiwain Kuch Bhi"
  157. True friends are like mornings
  158. Which Weapon You can Make By Combining Potassium, Nickel And Iron?
  159. Boy: I love you
  160. Mistake Mistake Mistake
  161. Dude do you have a life?
  162. You You You You You You You You
  163. 4 Year vs 17 Years Old Boy
  164. Manager to pathan
  165. When a boy propose a girl , And girl's reply wud be:
  166. Don't be sad when you see your ex-girlfrnd
  167. Girls: send me some funny joke..
  168. Boy: I Love U = ♥ Girl: Shut Up =
  169. Girls and Boys on FaceBook
  170. Jeem say shuru honay walay fitnay
  171. Zordari Institute of corruption and Management
  172. Give it sometime, she will start looking good to you
  173. SHaruKh Khan Was delighted when he heard Aamir and Salman were jailed.....
  174. We live in the OMG - WTF generation.
  175. If U think ur dad, mom, teacher, boss are strict and harsh with u..
  176. In mostly love affairs mother agrees and father disagress....
  177. A japanese came to PAKISTAN...
  178. LOVE Starts from eyes
  179. This is what we called Poke
  180. Girls and Haircuts
  181. Ordering cold Pizza is free :)
  182. I wish for a really nice girl who will always be there for me
  183. What is the Difference between Falling from 10th floor and 1st floor
  184. DEVDAS Of 2012..
  185. Legal Voting age for Boys: 18 years
  186. 1 larki romantic ho kr apny molvi lover
  187. Perfume that smell like a computer
  188. Aik Bewaqof aur Uski Biwi
  189. Miss: Tum barey ho k kiya karogey? Studnt: shadi
  190. Teacher to Student : Acha mujhe batao ke Dog (Kutta) shaadi kyun nahi karta?
  191. Protest in C++
  192. Funny HighWay Sign Board
  193. cheenk aay to eyes kasy khuli rakhi ja skti h??
  194. Sardar 16 bachon or bv k sath dost k ghar chala gya...
  195. Height of Memory Loss
  196. This is an Adult SMS. only read those who are 18+
  197. ~Double Insult~
  198. Funny Facts Of Asians
  199. Sound Advice of Wife
  200. Pappu Ka Beta: Mummy, hum Eid k liyey saaray Pataakhey iss dukaan se lenge !
  201. Proposal of a 3th class boy to 9th class girl.
  202. Impossible is nothing When a Man tries..!! Or When Woman cries :P ;)
  203. Teacher ne students se MY CLASS TEACHER per essay likhne ko kaha,
  204. A mathematical wedding invitation
  205. Zordari, Altaf and N Sharif Hajj nahi kar sakty, Magar Kiyon
  206. Jan se ziya azeez Rukhsana ke naam, From T
  207. sohar sahib to his wife.........
  208. 7 Dilchisp Malomaat,
  209. Angraiz urdu main darwaza kholne ko kaise kahe ga ?...
  210. New Style of break up...
  211. In Bus a passanger is in search of seat
  212. Barsaat ki ek ek raat mn rat k 12 bajay derwazay per dastak hui ,,
  213. A Patients To A Doctor
  214. Memon ki biwi : " bas b kro .. ye tea bag 18 dafa use kr lia ha .. ab phenk den "
  215. i Just want 2 Say that i miss you.
  216. Rose is a Flower that lives for HOUR,
  217. I Don't Know Exactly What I Was Waiting For,
  218. It is very tough to believe a stranger, But if someone loves U more than Fish loves Water, Holds UR hand tight with tears in
  219. Broken Trust is like a melted Chocolate,
  220. O Allah, forgive me all my sins Great and small,
  221. Once sardar shoot himself but saved....?
  222. woman is driving 1st time on the highway.
  223. Wife : Janu Batao Tum Mujhse Kitna Pyar Kartay Ho
  224. New SeatBelt Design
  225. Mene apni life me boht dhoke Khaen hein
  226. Meri tu behan hai
  227. Study overdose.
  228. Teacher:kal school se Chutti kyun ki?
  229. Wife Bhi Ajeeb Hoti Hyn:
  230. Doctor: U Look Exactly LIke My Third Wife.
  231. Meri yeh pOsT.. .
  232. Maa:Beta Tum Lambe-Lamb e Baal Katwa Lo
  233. Sardar and Pathan
  234. Why my girlfriend loves a rose which dies in a day
  235. funny Bzupages Admistration team,
  236. Girl: Kya kar rahay ho ?
  237. A women Write to IT Tech Support Guy
  238. How To Make A Wife Happy?
  239. Very deep thought:
  240. Girl ( to sardar ) : how many apples can u eat with empty stomach ?
  241. Teacher To Female Student: Pyar Hota Hai Ya Karna Parta Hai ?
  242. Mat nikalo mera janaza uski Gali se
  243. "Sent Message"
  244. 1 larka Larki se puchta hai k : Bachay kese hote hain/
  245. Santa: main england jaane ke baare mein soch rahaa hoon.
  246. Characteristics of GoOd Teacher :
  247. PHILOSPY of Student: hapnin now a dayS....!!!!
  248. Girl: How many hours a day do you think of me?
  249. Bulbulay Drama Joke
  250. 2 Aurton Ko 20 Sal Ki Saza Mili