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  1. sorry......
  2. I will Love (♥) you forever
  3. The things Ive done, I cant explain.
  4. This time what I want is you
  5. This was just meant to be..
  6. I Am Lost In You..
  7. You and me,
  8. I Love the time i spend with you...,
  9. Night Dreams...
  10. I May Be Not The One You Dreamed
  11. Let me tell you a story of time,
  12. I know it hasn't been long since I last saw you my dear,
  13. Every time we embrace,
  14. Rest your head and close your eyes
  15. You have come to me from a distant land,
  16. My love is like the sun that warms me when I am cold,
  17. Every name cannot be taken everywhere
  18. Now winter nights enlarge
  19. Too Much Charm
  20. Daddy ... It hurts
  21. There are so many words I cannot say,
  22. Last Night
  23. One last try
  24. Never say i love you ,
  25. You're an Angel that nobody can see,
  26. The Way You Make Me Feel
  27. I Hope We Meet Again
  28. The first time we met, I could see,
  29. That you would come along,
  30. There are gifts of many treasures
  31. You are the friend i'll always treasure,
  32. When evening shadows fall
  33. One Thing To Never Forget
  34. I Just Want to Tell You !
  35. I May Not Always Contact You But Our Distance Makes Me Miss You
  36. You picked me up from the ground showed me your love
  37. I REALLY Do Love You
  38. Lost Love
  39. Life's Riches
  40. Just A Box Of Crayons
  41. Everyone Has Angels
  42. I may never see tomorrow
  43. Our lives are made up of a million moments
  44. I want to be with you,
  45. My computer is my world
  46. A Poem about Computers
  47. Be careful do not speak For some are strong And some are weak
  48. 'Cause nothing' lasts forever Even cold November rain
  49. With a little bit of kindness
  50. Friendship is the kind of love that never can grow old.
  51. Remain forever near. As we walk our path of life,
  52. The Myths Behind the Little Girl
  53. Liars.... look at the perfect smile.
  54. Good morning cruel world I bet you're mad I woke up with a smile today
  55. I love the way you look at me,
  56. why i love you so
  57. When you're scared and alone, And wish you were home
  58. Rainbow
  59. Who am I?
  60. Give me your hand, said Love
  61. None Is Funny To Me.....
  62. Sometimes..
  63. I still love you......!!
  64. No one is Right until someone is Wrong
  65. speak not my tears neither open my fears
  66. If I love myself I love you. If I love you I love myself.
  67. BuT Im St!ll M!sSing Y0u
  68. ***May be Im not fine***
  69. Your heart Knows
  70. I don't know what to say...
  71. (`v) In my heart (`v)
  72. Look into my eyes - you will see What you mean to me
  73. Never stop caring for the little things in Life,
  74. Should I say sorry for that too??
  75. Someone...Somewhere...
  76. ~*~mothers ~*~
  77. Eνєяу тум ι тнιηк αвт υ.
  78. Lovely birds
  79. Beauty of a Woman..
  80. O God Forgive Me!
  81. If you Belive in Love...
  82. Never Play on My Heart, Oh my dear..
  83. If you think you.....
  84. There are times when you will upset me I will always love you
  85. have i told u yet.........
  86. Take Each day as It Comes
  87. When Life Pushes You Down
  88. When we feel so blue Reply with quote
  89. Friendship
  90. Do Not Run Through Life
  91. **You can make a difference in your world**
  92. Poems written by Wife and Husband
  93. Why now lonely
  94. .. I Thought Of You Today ..
  95. Unconditional Love......
  96. Every beginning must had it ends....
  97. ~*Your Dimension Of Greatness*~
  98. Never knew life turn out this way..
  99. I want to live in ur eyes not as a dream but as a sight,
  100. When I born, I black, and you white..
  101. ~ My Gift Of Love ~
  102. Divine life
  103. What t.j. Drew
  104. ``` spell cHeck ```
  105. Don't look back!
  106. The Price Of Love
  107. Be Willing...
  108. What really makes you happy
  109. I Will Love You Until I Die
  110. Dreams are a big part of our Lives
  111. Tell me what to do
  112. My heart melts
  113. Feelings For You
  114. ~ A Love Forbidden ~
  115. Says Love
  116. People In Your Life
  117. Go fast enough to get it done, yet slow enough to get it right.
  118. The taste of pleasant May's delight
  119. I love that I love you
  120. How much I miss you
  121. Every time we say good-bye I start to cry
  122. There is so much I want to share with you
  123. I give you
  124. If you are in Tension..
  125. I love you every single day and in every single way
  126. love pardise
  127. Love story
  128. Follow your heart...
  129. I refuse to be discourage
  130. She Walks In Beauty
  131. What is love?
  132. What would you do if every time you wanted someone
  133. Loving you
  134. A soldier
  135. May v remain friends 4vr
  136. Why Do You Make Me Cry ?
  137. Good Morning...
  138. "For My Beloved"
  139. We are everything **
  140. I Just Can't Live Without You
  141. I want....
  142. Our Tomorrows, Our Forever..!!
  143. I Miss You Dad...!!
  144. Beautiful Page
  145. Key To My Heart by Miss Aracelyy
  146. Forever Together by Billy rob
  147. When You Feel by Caramel Bliss
  148. i missed u too
  149. When I am gone.
  150. Without you....
  151. The Beautiful Flames...!!!
  152. Still With You...
  153. The holy encomium
  154. The narrao bridge of respectability
  155. *Last Breath*
  156. you are in love...
  157. *Forgive Me*
  158. Allah Knows (inspirational poem)
  159. Good Night My Love!
  160. I don't want to miss a thing
  161. All u need is love
  162. I Love u more than I can say
  163. My One True Love
  164. True friendship
  165. Dear friend
  166. Can you forgive me again?
  167. Ramadan is Here
  168. john denver- leaving on a jet plane
  169. louis armstrong - what a wonderful world
  170. With You
  171. Circle of Life
  172. Special Friends
  173. I Promise You
  174. A Serene Moment
  175. Love Will Always Find a Way
  176. I Must be Crazy
  177. I Want to Spend my Lifetime Loving you
  178. You & i forever
  179. I can't give solutions to all of life's problems
  180. The most important Book
  181. Daddy Fell into the Pond
  182. The way We Affect Others
  183. Love and Friendship
  184. Beautiful Dreamer - Friendship poetry
  185. Here I Love You
  186. What is Birthday? MY heart is like a singing bird Whose nest is in a water'd shoot;
  187. Love Poetry --- Attraction
  188. Beautiful Love Poem ~ What's Love
  189. The Sky at Night
  190. Never Alone.....
  191. A Bad Death
  192. Love For Allah
  193. A Best Friend!
  194. I hate you
  195. Alone Alone to laugh Alone to smile, Dedicate[Mcs(E)_08]
  196. Poem Dedicate [ Mcs(E)_08 ]
  197. Love...
  198. For so long I was lonely
  199. Trust
  200. Angels of Love For You
  201. *~*You Needed Me...*~*
  202. When I lay and think, in my bed at night,
  203. JOURNEY OF LIFE........A poem
  204. You're My Heart, You're My Soul
  205. Im not begging you to love me
  206. A Promise To You
  207. In My Mothers Arm
  208. I Know Deep In My Heart
  209. I wish I was dreaming..
  210. Hot Line
  211. Never Quit
  212. Around the Corner
  213. When all the songs are over
  214. Here i love you~!
  215. Blessing my life with your existence!!
  216. All I Need My Love My Honey
  217. Upon the War in Iraq (By Mr. Rice)
  218. Touch
  219. Little angel little angel
  220. I Know Something Good About You
  221. ~!~my nights without u...~!~
  222. "Tearful Chearful"
  223. I really don't care
  224. The Aroma Of Lost Love
  225. If & if I'v hurt YOU
  226. Silent confessions of a screaming soul...
  227. The Seasons!!
  228. My Love for Her
  229. Dead baby..
  230. An Engineer's Valentine
  231. Gifts from Heaven
  232. The Old Rose
  233. Trust Me Without Question,Love Me Without Fear
  234. I can not live another day
  235. You are Unique...!!!
  236. You're the world to me--
  237. I want to die
  238. A Friend for life
  239. My painful soul will be set free
  240. Oh My darling~!
  241. CLose YoUr EyeS................ .................... ...!!
  242. The Meaning Of Love
  243. I Love You ( English Poetry)
  244. Tears swelling up in my eyes every night
  245. Pain Drops
  246. Never doubt ur love
  247. Don't Quit
  248. 'Somebody you Love' - 'Somebody you Like'
  249. Friends...
  250. It's Hard to Say Goodbye