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Old 22-11-2008, 07:55 PM
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Exclamation Photoshop Secret Shortcuts, How to use PS ....

It is proven that by using software shortcuts can boost up productivity. Here are 30 secret Photoshop shortcuts that I’ve learned from years of experience. Well, what I mean by "secret" is that these shortcuts are not documented in the menus. Keep reading and you will find how these shortcuts can speed up your productivity. I bet you don’t know all of them.
Note: this article is written in Mac Photoshop format. If you are using PC, Cmd = Ctrl and Opt = Alt.
  1. Drag selection
    With the Marquee tool, drag on the document (do not release the mouse yet), now hold down Spacebar, it will let you drag the undefined selection.
    Name:  shortcuts-1.gif
Views: 346
Size:  748 Bytes
  2. Navigate the document left or right
    Hold down the Cmd key and scroll up or down allows you to navigate the document left or right. For example, hold down Cmd + scroll up will navigate to right.
    Name:  shortcuts-2.gif
Views: 376
Size:  13.2 KB
  3. Browse the font list
    Put your cursor in the font list dropdown, you can browse the font list by pressing arrow Up or Down key.
    Name:  shortcuts-3.gif
Views: 363
Size:  10.0 KB
  4. Scale font size
    Select the text that you want to scale the font size, press Cmd + Shift + > or < to increase / decrease font size.
  5. Zoom with the scroll wheel
    You can zoom in / out by Cmd + Opt + scroll up or down.
    Name:  shortcuts-5.gif
Views: 325
Size:  11.5 KB
  6. Drag to adjust numberic value
    Mouseover the input box, hold down Cmd + drag left or right to increase / decrease. Hold down Cmd + Opt or Shift key and drag can change the value in decimal or 10 interval. This shortcut works in all dialog palettes.
    Name:  shortcuts-6.gif
Views: 324
Size:  8.5 KB
  7. Scroll to adjust numeric value
    Put the cursor in the input box, scroll up or down to increase / decrease value. This shortcut works in all dialog palettes.
    Name:  shortcuts-7.gif
Views: 344
Size:  15.4 KB
  8. Arrow up / down to adjust numeric value
    Put the cursor in the input box, press arrow Up or Down to increase / decrease. Hold down Shift and press arrow Up or Down will change value in 10 interval.
    Name:  shortcuts-8.gif
Views: 308
Size:  10.3 KB
  9. Zoom to 100%
    Double click on the Zoom tool will zoom document to 100%.
    Name:  shortcuts-9.gif
Views: 315
Size:  3.3 KB
  10. Collapse or expand all layer groups
    You can collapse or expand all root-level layer groups by holding down Cmd + click on the triangle icon. Hold down Cmd + Opt + click on the triangle icon will collapse or expand all level layer groups.
    Name:  shortcuts-10.gif
Views: 325
Size:  10.7 KB
  11. Show / hide in a row
    If you need to show / hide more than one layers, instead of clicking one by one, you can click on the visibility icon and drag in a row.
    Name:  shortcuts-11.gif
Views: 346
Size:  8.7 KB
  12. Hide other layers
    Hold down Opt + click on the visibility icon will hide all other layers.
    Name:  shortcuts-12.gif
Views: 349
Size:  9.3 KB
  13. Navigate layer blending mode
    Opt + Shift + "-" or "+" key allows you to navigate through the blending mode dropdown.
    Name:  shortcuts-13.gif
Views: 321
Size:  10.2 KB
  14. Set specific blending mode
    Opt + Shift + C, N, M, S, D… allows to set layer to specific blending mode.
    For examples:
    Normal = Opt + Shift + N
    Screen = Opt + Shift + S
    Multiply = Opt + Shift + M
    Color = Opt + Shift + C
    Name:  shortcuts-14.gif
Views: 347
Size:  10.7 KB
  15. Lock layer transparency
    Press forward slash ("/") to lock layer transparency.
    Name:  shortcuts-15.gif
Views: 319
Size:  8.6 KB
  16. Load Channel selection
    You probably know that Cmd + number keys (1, 2, 3) will activate the channels in sequent. Press Cmd + Opt + number keys will load the selection. For example, press Cmd + Opt + 4 will load Alpha channel 1.
    Name:  shortcuts-16.gif
Views: 365
Size:  9.9 KB
  17. Tool panels
    Press Tab to toggle tool panels.
    Name:  shortcuts-17.gif
Views: 304
Size:  2.0 KB
  18. Precise cursor
    Caps lock will display tool cursor in precise mode.
    Name:  shortcuts-18.gif
Views: 318
Size:  2.4 KB
  19. Navigate the tool list
    You can navigate through the tool list by pressing Shift + tool shorcut. For example: B = Brush tool, if you press Shift + B again, you will switch to Pencil tool.
    Name:  shortcuts-19.gif
Views: 309
Size:  5.9 KB
  20. Increase / decrease brush size
    With the Brush tool selected, you can increase / decrease the brush size by pressing [ or ] key (square bracket key). Press Shift + [ or ] will increase / decrease brush hardness.
    Name:  shortcuts-20.gif
Views: 317
Size:  5.6 KB
  21. Opacity
    You can set the layer opacity by pressing the number keys (ie. 1 = 10%, 2 = 20%…). When you have the brush tool selected, pressing the number keys will adjust the brush opacity.
    Name:  shortcuts-21.gif
Views: 291
Size:  10.3 KB
  22. Duplicate layer
    There are several shortcuts to duplicate layers.
    1. You can hold down Cmd + Opt + drag to duplicate the active layer.
    2. Cmd + Opt + arrow keys (Up, Down, Left, Right).
    3. Cmd + J will duplicate the active layer in exact position.
    4. Hold down Opt + drag within the Layers palette can also duplicate layers.
    Name:  shortcuts-22.gif
Views: 357
Size:  9.2 KB
  23. Copy visible and paste in a new layer
    Press Cmd + Opt + Shift + E will copy the visible layers and paste in a new layer.
    Name:  shortcuts-23.gif
Views: 309
Size:  6.2 KB
  24. Change workspace background
    By default Photoshop use grey for the workspace background color. You can change that by:
    1. select your favorite color
    2. choose the Paint Bucket tool
    3. Hold down Shift + click on the working area (outside the document area)
    Name:  shortcuts-24.gif
Views: 365
Size:  6.9 KB
    Update: right-click on the workspace area to get a dropdown menu - allows you to set the background to black, grey, or a custom color (commented by Todd Patrick).
  25. Fill background or foreground color
    Opt + Delete (Backspace) = fill the layer with foreground color.
    Cmd + Delete (Backspace) = fill the layer with background color
    Name:  shortcuts-25.gif
Views: 301
Size:  3.6 KB
    Cmd + Shift + Delete (Backspace) = Fill non-transparent pixels with background color
    Opt + Shift + Delete (Backspace) = Fill non-transparent pixels with foreground color
    (commented by André Dion)
  26. Switch between document windows
    Ctrl + Tab will switch between document windows.
    Name:  shortcuts-26.gif
Views: 297
Size:  3.3 KB
  27. Load layer transparent
    Cmd + click on the layer thumbnail will load its transparency.
    Name:  shortcuts-27.gif
Views: 375
Size:  9.5 KB
  28. Scale proportionally from center
    When you are using the Marquee tools or Free Transform, hold down Opt + Shift + drag will scale proportionally from the center.
    Name:  shortcuts-28.gif
Views: 318
Size:  5.6 KB
  29. Shortcut to Eyedropper
    If you have the Brush tool selected, hold down Opt key will quickly activate the Eyedropper tool. Hold down Opt + Shift will activate the Color Sampler Tool.
    Name:  shortcuts-29.gif
Views: 318
Size:  4.9 KB
  30. Finally…
    Finally, if you want to check or set your own custom shortcuts, press Cmd + Opt + Shift + K will bring up the Keyboard Shortcuts panel.
    Name:  shortcuts-30.gif
Views: 364
Size:  26.5 KB

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