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Health and Nutrition Discus Tips and all information to make people healthy...

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List of Calorific convenience foods; Avoid excessive intake of junk food
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Surprising foods that are loaded with calories
Name:  Surprising foods that are loaded with calories.jpg
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When you're in a rush it's tempting to reach for a supermarket sandwich, ready meal or takeaway - but would you give these a miss if you knew how many calories they contain? Discover the foods that are shockingly fattening and the lighter alternatives available

Pakistani , Indian takeaway
Name:  Pakistani , Indian takeaway.jpg
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Size:  46.9 KB
The average Indian takeaway of chicken tikka masala, pilau rice and a plain naan contains 1,338 calories and 55g of fat, according to a recent report in the UK's Which? magazine. That's about two-thirds of the daily calories and 80% of the fat a woman should consume in a day. Creamy dishes such as korma, pasanda and masala are the worst offenders - but it's the starters and sundries that can really do the damage. A single onion bhaji contains 190 calories and 16g of fat, while a poppadom contains 65 calories and 5g of fat.

Dry tandoori chicken
Name:  Order this instead.jpg
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Dry tandoori chicken, plain boiled rice and a chappati. A dry tandoori chicken or tomato-based dish, such as jalfrezi, rogan or madras, contain fewer calories than creamy dishes. Order boiled rice rather than pilau and you'll save 280 calories and 34g of fat. Opt for a chapati rather than a naan and you'll save 345 calories and 11g of fat.

Starbucks White Hot Chocolate
Name:  Starbucks White Hot Chocolate.jpg
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Size:  37.8 KB
There's nothing like a hot chocolate to warm you up on a cold winter's day - but did you know that one creamy drink could contain an entire meal's worth of calories and fat? Made with white chocolate, steamed milk and topped with whipped cream, Starbucks White Hot Chocolate contains a whopping 410 calories and 12g of fat per (16 fl oz) serving. Most of the fat content is saturated (9g), which represents more than half of an adult's daily recommended amount.

Drink this instead
Name:  Drink this instead.jpg
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Size:  33.2 KB
Black Americano coffee. It may not be as comforting as a hot chocolate, but a Black Americano coffee will warm you up for just five calories and zero fat. If you like milk, make sure to order skimmed and whatever you do, steer clear of whipped-cream toppings.

Chinese takeaway
Name:  Chinese takeaway.jpg
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A Chinese takeaway of prawn crackers, crispy duck, chicken balls and spring rolls contains 2,832 calories - the equivalent of two days' worth of food if you're trying to lose weight. More shocking is the amount of fat. According to a recent survey the typical Chinese take-away contains a hefty 132.5g of fat - the same amount as a wine glass full of lard. Yum! It's not the main dishes that do the damage - a portion of beef in oyster sauce or chicken chop suey contains a reasonable 450 calories and 10 to 15g of fat - it's the fried rice, deep-fried starters and side orders. Three filled crispy duck pancakes contain a massive 560 calories and 21g of fat, a bag of prawn crackers contain 400 calories and 30g of fat, while a standard carton of egg fried rice contains a whopping 625 calories and 32g of fat.

Crab and sweetcorn soup, chicken in oyster sauce and boiled rice.
Name:  Crab and sweetcorn soup, chicken in oyster sauce and boiled rice.jpg
Views: 831
Size:  43.4 KB
Crab and sweetcorn soup, chicken in oyster sauce and boiled rice. The following meal will contain around 865 calories and 12g fat. Soups are usually low in fat, containing around 3g for a pot, so are a better choice than deep-fried starters. Order boiled rather than egg fried rice and you'll save 255 calories and 31g of fat.

McDonald’s Large Chocolate Milkshake
Name:  McDonald’s Large Chocolate Milkshake.jpg
Views: 1081
Size:  40.9 KB
Most of us know that a trip to McDonald's spells the end of the diet - but it's not just the Big Mac and fries that do the damage. Wash down your meal with a large chocolate milkshake and you'll be drinking more than a meal's worth of calories and fat. The 500kcals it contains accounts for a quarter of your daily calorie allowance - but it's the carbohydrate content that may surprise you. You'll also be drinking down 86g of carbohydrates (67g of which are sugars) which accounts for 72% of your daily recommended allowance. Let's hope you weren't following Atkins or the Dukan diet!

Water contains zero calories and zero fat
Name:  Water contains zero calories and zero fat.jpg
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Size:  27.5 KB
Water. Water contains zero calories and zero fat - and is a much better thirst quencher. If you're determined to satisfy your sweet tooth, order a McDonald's ice-cream in a cone. It contains 145 calories and 5g of fat.


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