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Sunny How to Burn Label on the Disc using Light Scribe Technology

After reading about the lightscribe we learn here about the burning of the Disc Labels

Just follow these steps to begin creating personalized labels that are 100% you.
Remember, making labels and burning your data are two separate steps. You may burn your data either before or after you burn your label.
Step one:

Check to make sure you have a LightScribe-enabled product. To do this, look for a LightScribe logo on the outside of your drive or your computer.

Step two:

Get your special LightScribe media. When purchasing media, be sure to look for the LightScribe logo on the CD and DVD packages at your favorite retailers. You cannot burn LightScribe labels onto media without this logo. Learn more about LightScribe-enabled CDs and DVDs.

Step three:

Install the software if it's not installed already. Most LightScribe hardware products come with a CD with label-burning software. If you do not have the disc, you can purchase label-burning software online or at select retailers.

LightScribe software includes two applications:
  • Labeling software. This is the program you'll use to create your labels. It may already be installed on your computer, or included on a disc with your hardware.
  • LightScribe System Software. Each hardware manufacturer will provide the optimal version for their systems, but you can also download a universal version. In some cases, the LightScribe System Software is included in the labeling application. Otherwise, it needs to be installed separately and may be on a separate disc than the labeling application.
Install your software by putting the disc into your disc drive and following the onscreen instructions. When the software is installed, remove the disc.
Step four:

Create your label design. If you burned your data first with LightScribe-enabled software, the software will prompt you to burn a label. After you agree to make a label, the software will gather information and suggest a label design onscreen. You will have the option to select that label or you can make changes.

If you're using stand-alone disc labeling software, launch the software and design the label onscreen by typing in your text, choosing or importing graphics, and arranging the text and images as you'd like them.

To get a jumpstart on your design, choose from the many backgrounds that have already been created for LightScribe labels. These designs are available in your LightScribe-enabled labeling software and in the label gallery.

Step five:

Burn the label. Place the disc in the drive with the label-side down. Then click "Print". After the label is burned, the disc will be ejected and your LightScribe CD or DVD is complete.


It's easy to create unique and impressive CD and DVD labels for personal and business use. Check out the following sections to learn more about what you need to get started today.
Do I need a new computer to get LightScribe? Can I just buy a LightScribe disc drive and connect it to my computer?

LightScribe-enabled disc drives are available as peripherals and plug-in replacement drives for your existing computer. Or you can buy a new computer with a LightScribe-enabled disc drive. There is no consumer kit to convert a non-LightScribe drive to a LightScribe-enabled drive.

Does LightScribe work on both PCs and Macs?

LightScribe is available on Windows 2000 and XP and supports Mac OS X 10.3 via the LaCie d2 DVD±RW external Double Layer drives and DVD±RW internal drive.

Will I need to purchase a new LightScribe DVD drive when the new media with the speed enhancement is available in the market?

LightScribe has announced a speed enhancement to be available in early 2006. The enhancement comes from changes made to the discs themselves, and these new media will be compatible with the existing drive. So if you were to buy a drive now, you would be able to take advantage of the faster discs when they are available.

Will there be a firmware or software update required to take advantage of the speed enhancement?

Yes, when your insert the new media in your drive the first time, you will be prompted to download an easy and free driver update. This update can typically be obtained though your hardware brand provider.


Welcome to LightScribe Care and Maintenance. Here you will learn how to ensure long product life, get tips on proper equipment handling, and find answers to many of your LightScribe questions.
Does the additional use of the laser in a LightScribe-enabled drive shorten its life?

Under typical labeling circumstances, there is no significant reduction in laser life. Based on typical use for both data and label sides of the disc, the laser is well within the design specifications.

Do slot-loader players affect the coating of LightScribe CDs and DVDs?

No. Scratch testing has shown that the coating on LightScribe CDs and DVDs is robust and should not be affected by slot-loader players.

How should I clean my LightScribe-labeled discs?

The best way to clean the label side of the disc is with a soft, lint-free cloth. There are cleaning kits available on the market, or you can clean discs with water.

I have noticed that, after awhile, some of my labeled discs get a whitish powder on them. What is it?

The white powder you may see on some labeled discs results from crystallization of the label-side coating. It is not harmful and can easily be removed with a water-dampened cloth. Wiping the disc with a damp cloth will not harm the label.

Does ultraviolet light fade a LightScribe label? How much does the image fade, and over what period of time?

Sustained exposure to direct sunlight should be avoided, both to prevent damage to the data side of the disc and possible fading of the label image. The image will fade under direct sunlight, but the rate will depend on the light's intensity and exposure time.

How should labeled discs be handled and stored?

To ensure maximal life for both data and label, hold discs on the outside edge or through the center hole to prevent fingerprints. Keep discs away from extreme heat, humidity, and direct sunlight. Ideally, you should keep discs on a spindle, in a disc sleeve, or in a jewel case, and then store them in a cool, dark place. And be sure to use polypropylene disc sleeves rather than PVC sleeves; PVC sleeves will cause images to degrade over time, while polypropylene does not adversely affect the coating or images.

Do the same suggestions apply to handling and storing unlabeled discs?

Yes, to ensure the longest life, store unlabeled discs in a stack or paper sleeve, and keep them away from direct sunlight and extreme heat. Handle them as suggested above.

Will fingerprints or other contaminants affect the label?

Residual chemicals on your fingers could cause discoloration of the label image. And some hand lotions--those containing polyethylene glycol and vitamin D--have been found to discolor the coating and image on a disc. To ensure maximum data and label life, always handle discs by their edges.

Does the LightScribe imaging process emit any hazardous chemicals?

No. The laser imaging process initiates a chemical change in the disc coating, and no hazardous chemicals are emitted during burning.

Are LightScribe discs environmentally safe?

Yes. A study of the potential for health and safety problems resulting from handling LightScribe-coated discs found no reason for concern.

Can LightScribe discs be recycled?

Yes. CDs and DVDs contain polycarbonate and metal films that can be recycled.

Is the LightScribe disc hot or dangerous to handle immediately after the label is burned?

No. Although the terms "burning data and burning labels" are standard in the industry, there is no appreciable temperature change involved in either process. A CD or DVD is safe to touch immediately upon being ejected from the drive.

Tips And Tricks

LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling technology has a few tricks up its sleeve. Check out some creative twists and turns to help you burn, flip, burn your way to beautiful laser-etched labels.
When making a label for a music CD, put the songs in order of title length-short titles at the beginning, longer ones toward the middle. This creates a streamlined appearance that aligns with the shape of the CD.
You can add new text and images, such as track titles and file names, to a previously scribed disc. Start with your original label template and then add the new label information. Be sure to remove the label information you already have to avoid burning it again.
Keep your music on track. Some software applications let you automatically create labels from your CD playlists by importing the information from the playlist file, (such as an .m3u file) importing your playlist from iTunes or Windows Media Player, or directly from an audio disc. Importing playlist capability varies depending upon the labeling application.
Express your creativity with your own text, photos, or designs. Open your favorite graphic design application, create your artwork, and save it in a bitmap, TIFF, or JPEG format. From your LightScribe labeling software, simply load the file as a background and complete your label by adding any desired text.
When using images from your digital camera or scanner, use the highest resolution possible to yield the best label quality.
Inverting colors or making a "negative" of your image can make for a dramatic effect when burning a LightScribe label.
Forget to add some important information or want to add more text or images to your label? That's ok, just open the file and add text or images to your original label design. Be sure to remove the original label design beforehand to avoid burning it again.
In a hurry and need a professional-looking label? You can make a title label by inserting circular text and placing it close to the center hole on the disc. Use a reduced font size, such as 6 or 8 point, and you'll have a label in just a few minutes.
To ensure a perfect burn, use the Preview function to view your image before labeling the disc. This way, you're sure to get a flawless label each and every time.
Burn data first, or create your label first. Either way, remember to flip the disc 'label-side down' when burning your design.

For sharp details in your labels, use high-resolution images (600dpi or greater) when designing with fonts, line art, and graphics.

To create a label from scratch, download the disc template for your software or use the diagram below to create your own blank template. We suggest that the resolution of the design should be at least 600dpi. After you complete your design, erase the outline of the inner and outer rings to ensure it will not be burned to your disc. Save the file in a bitmap, TIFF or JPEG format. From your LightScribe labeling software, simply load the file as a background and you are ready to burn your custom label.
Full Label Specification - A full label is defined by a band extending from a radius of 2.38cm to 5.87cm.
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