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Islamic The punishment for not praying in the Noble Quran■■

*Bismillahir- Rahmanir- Rahim*
{In the name of Allah most Gracious Most Merciful}

Allah says, in Quran
This day, I have perfected your religion for you,
completed My Favour upon you,
and have chosen for you IslÔm as your religion.
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Bismillah Walhamdulillah Was Salaatu Was Salaam 'ala Rasulillah
As-Salaam Alaikum Wa-Rahmatullahi Wa-Barakatuhu
The punishment for not praying in the Noble Quran■
Praying in Islam can not be compromised. It has to be the first priority in our daily lives. My dear brothers and sisters, it only takes 2-5 minutes to wash our (hands, mouths, noses, faces, arms, necks, ears, hairs and feet) which is mandatory before every prayer and few minutes to perform the actual prayer. So in other words, it takes a maximum of 1 hour to perform prayer everyday.
Many of us spend long hours everyday at the gym trying to stretch and workout, while we can perform all of that in praying. The actions of praying in Islam are actual workout for the body.
The importance of Salah is mentioned more than 700 times in the Holy Quran.

means "Establish your prayer" (

Many of us, who don't use to read Quran with understanding, think that
(1)Praying is just too hard to perform everyday; and (2) Allah Almighty never really mentioned any punishment for not praying in the Noble Quran.

performing prayers is really a great deal in Islam. Let us present some Noble Verses from the Noble Quran regarding this issue:

"What led you into Hell-Fire? They will say; 'We were not of those who prayed;' (The Noble Quran, 74:42-43)"

"So woe to the worshippers who are neglectful of their Prayers, those who (want but) to be seen (of men).(The Noble Quran, 107:4-6)"

"And enjoin As-SalÔt (the prayer) on your family, and be patient in offering them [i.e. the SalÔt (prayers)]. We ask not of you a provision (i.e. to give Us something: money); We provide for you. And the good end (i.e. Paradise) is for the Muttaqűn (pious and righteous persons." (The Noble Quran, 20:132)"

"The hypocrites-- they think they are over-reaching Allah but He will over-reach them: When they stand up to Prayer, they stand without earnestness, to be seen of men, but little do they hold Allah in remembrance. (The Noble Quran, 4:142)"

"Their eyes will be cast down--ignominy will cover them; they used to be called to prostrate themselves (offer prayers), while they were healthy and good (in the life of the world, but they did not).(The Noble Quran, 68:43)"

"So he gave nothing in charity, nor did he pray!(The Noble Quran, 75:31)"

"And when it is said to them, 'Prostrate yourselves!' they do not so. Ah woe, that Day, to the rejecters of Truth! (The Noble Quran, 77:48-49)"

above Noble Verses prove the importance of Praying to Allah Almighty in Islam.
Islam came to give the bigger picture:
If we trace down praying in Allah Almighty's religions, we would see that He always commanded His followers to bow down to Him in worship. The Jews bow down to Allah Almighty in worship every Saturday.

And the Bible teaches its followers to Prostrate to the One True Living GOD Almighty:

"Then David said to the whole assembly, "Praise the LORD your God." So they all praised the LORD , the God of their fathers; they bowed low and fell prostrate before the LORD and the king. (From the NIV Bible, 1 Chronicles 29:20)"

"Then once again I fell prostrate before the LORD for forty days and forty nights; I ate no bread and drank no water, because of all the sin you had committed, doing what was evil in the LORD's sight and so provoking him to anger.
(From the NIV Bible, Deuteronomy 9:18)"

"the oracle of one who hears the words of God, who has knowledge from the Most High, who sees a vision from the Almighty, who falls prostrate, and whose eyes are opened:
(From the NIV Bible, Numbers 24:16)"

"When all the people saw this, they fell prostrate and cried, "The LORD -he is God! The LORD -he is God!"
(From the NIV Bible, 1 Kings 18:39)"

Islam, the ultimate system, came and gave the bigger picture of how to pray to Allah Almighty. We must bow down to Allah Almighty in worship 5 times a day. He is the Almighty that must be Worshiped.
We must worship Allah Almighty for the sake of His worship only. We must not show ourselves off to try to look good according to Noble Verse 4:142 above.

According to Islam, Allah Almighty allowed the Muslims to worship Him in any place on earth, even in the public places. But it must not be for the purpose of showing off. If someone worships Allah Almighty in the public (such as the Masjid or anywhere the people can see him), then he must not do it for the sake to be seen by others, but for the sake of Allah Almighty only. Allah knows what's in the hearts, and certainly knows who's a hypocrite and who is a True Worshiper.

Why did Allah Almighty allow praying in the public?
Allah Almighty loves to see unity and brotherhood among the Muslims. He loves to see us stand in organized lines to worship Him. He doesn't like individualism, because it helps Satan to isolate his prey. It also equalizes between all races.
Praying in Islam is very important. It should come as the first priority in our daily lives. Allah Almighty created His Servants to Worship Him only. True believers should perform prayers regularly.
Say (O Muhammad ): "O Allah! Possessor of the kingdom, You give the kingdom to whom You will, and You take the kingdom from whom You will, and You endue with honour whom You will, and You humiliate whom You will. In Your Hand is the good. Verily, You are Able to do all things.
You make the night to enter into the day, and You make the day to enter into the night (i.e. increase and decrease in the hours of the night and the day during winter and summer), You bring the living out of the dead, and You bring the dead out of the living. And You give wealth and sustenance to whom You will, without limit (measure or account). (3:26,27)
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