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Default If The Shuhada's Are Not Dead, Where Are Their Arwah?

Shaheed in the jihad arena has a noble position in Islam. Al-Quran and al-Sunnah have mentioned many of its virtues. The Sahabahs and the salaf ulama's had raced to obtain it.

Martyrdom Is A Bliss

Al-Quran mentioned that martyrdom is a delightful gift from Allah for those who want It. This gift sends its owners towards perfection in life, fortune and happiness. Allah says:

All who obey Allah and the Messenger are in the company of those on whom is the Grace of Allah,- of the Prophets (who teach), the Siddiiqiin (sincere lovers of Truth), the Martyrs, and the Righteous (who do good): And excellent are those as companions. (QS. Al Nisaa: 69)

The meaning of Shuhada in the above verse, as mentioned by Sheikh Abdurrahman al-Sadi, is the people who are going to war fie sabilillah for the sake of raising high the kalimah of Allah, and then they get killed.

Then, in the end of the verse, Allah mentioned that they are the best of companions in paradise for those who are always obedient to Allah and His Rasul.

The Shuhadas Do Not Lose The Pleasures Of The World

Allah Taala said:

And never think of those who have been killed in the cause of Allah as dead. Rather, they are alive with their Lord, receiving rizq (provision), rejoicing in what Allah has bestowed upon them of His bounty, and they receive good tidings about those [to be martyred] after them who have not yet joined them that there will be no fear concerning them, nor will they grieve. (QS. Ali Imran: 169-170)

Sheikh al-Sadi rahimahullah mentioned in his tafseer that there are virtues and honours of the Shuhadas in this sublime verse, as well as bounties and gifts that Allah gives to them . . . .

"Then, concerning the reward for the people who are conducting jihad fie sabilillah, in fighting against the enemies of Islam for the sake of raising high the kalimatullah and then die in it, they are not like what many think, i.e. they are dead and losing the pleasures of the world and its comforts. Whereas, these are the things that make many people worry, the cowards are afraid to fight and they do not yearn for martyrdom. But, they (the martyrs) are acquiring pleasures even greater (more) than what are competed by the people who are racing to achieve them. They live with their Lord in the Abode of Glory.

There, they are getting rizq from various delights in which the exact nature could never be known except by the people to whom Allah have given. Allah completes the gifts of delight to them by combining the bodily delights in the form of rizq, with the the spiritual delights in the form of happiness for the bounties granted to them. Until, their pleasures and happiness are utterly perfected."

Regarding this subject, Dr. Abdullah Azzam narrated his experience, ...and indeed, we have witnessed some of the clear evidences, clearly showing that the Shuhadas are alive. Umar Hanif related to me (Abdullah Azzam), he said, I have uncovered with my own hands twelve graves of the Shuhadas. I have found that not even one Shuhada has the state of the jasad changed; and I noticed that some of them even have their beards growing and fingernails longs in the grave.

And a story about Dr. Babrak who was shaheed in Urgun and he was brought to Phabi (camp of the Muhajirian Afghan in Peshawar). When his children had a look at his jasad after school and stood by his head, he (Dr. Babrak) wept and his tears were flowing on his face.

The Blood Of The Shuhadas Has The Aroma Of Musk

The Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam said, By Him in Whose Hands my soul is! Whoever is wounded in Allah's Cause....and Allah knows well who gets wounded in His Cause....will come on the Day of Resurrection with his wound having the colour of blood but the scent of musk. (HR. Bukhari)

Dr. Abdullah Azzam conveyed, Subhanallah! Indeed, we have witnessed it on most of the people who have died shaheed. The smell of their blood are like the aroma of musk. And indeed, in my pocket is a piece of letter on it are drops of blood belongings to Abdul Wahid (Al Shaheed, insha Allah)- it has been 2 months, but the scent is very fragrant like that of musk. (Special Gifts For The Mujahids, the work of Sheikh Dr. Abdullah Azzam)

Where Are The Arwah Of The Shuhadas?

After knowing the virtues of dying shaheed and the superiority of the Shuhadas, that they are essentially not dead and are not losing the pleasures. Hence, we are asking, where are their arwah (spirits) actually?

The arwah (plural of ruh ed) of the Shuhadas are placed in the the highest paradise i.e. Firdaus. This is based on the hadith of Rasullullah sallallahu alaihi wasallam who said to Ummu Haritsah binti Numan her son got killed in the battle of Badar when she asked him (about the fate of her son): Where is he? The Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam said: "Verily, he is in the high paradise of Firdaus." (HR. Al Bukhari)

In the Saheeh Muslim, from Mashruq rahimahullah, said: "We asked Abdullah about this verse (QS. Ali Imran: 169)"

He answered, "it so happens that we asked (the Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam) about this issue, thus he answered:

Verily, the arwah of the Shuhadas are in the insides of green birds having lanterns suspended from the Throne, roaming freely in Paradise where they please, then taking shelter in those lanterns. So their Lord cast a glance at them (1) and said: Do you wish for anything? They said: What shall we wish for when we roam freely in Paradise where we please? And thus did He do to them three times. When they say that they would not be spared from being asked [again], they said: 'O Lord, we would like for You to put back our souls into our bodies so that we might fight for Your sake once again.' And when He saw that they were not in need of anything they were let be. (HR. Muslim)

Imam al-Darimi in his sunan narrated from Mashruq, he said: we have asked Abdullah about the arwah of the Shuhadas. If not because of Abdullah, no one would have told us. He (Abdullah) said:

"The arwah of the Shuhadas are with Allah on Judgement Day inside the belly of green birds. They have lanterns suspended from the Asrh. They fly in Paradise to where ever they want. Then, they return to those lanterns, and their Lord honored them by saying: 'Do you wish for anything?' They asnwered: 'No, except for us to be returned to the world until we are killed (die shaheed) for the umpteenth time.'

Imam an-Nawawi in Sharh Saheeh Muslim wrote, . . . when they know that they can ask, they ask so that their souls would be returned to their jasads, to conduct jihad again or to provide their souls for the cause of Allah Taala and enjoy the bliss (of dying) in Allah's path. Walahu Alam.

The Shuhadas ask to be returned to the world, whereas they are already in paradise, to feel the blissfulness of dying in Allah's cause as Shuhadas.

Rasulullah sallallahu alaihi wasallam had known the blissfulness gained by the Shuhada. For that reason, he expressed his desires to die in Allah's cause in his hadith:

By the One in Whose Hand is my life, I love that I should be killed in the way of Allah; then I should be brought back to life and be killed again in His way. (HR. Al Bukhari)

Indeed, death in the way of Allah is not as frightening as people have imagined. They are a lot of hadiths which relate that the Shuhadas do not feel the pain when finding martyrdom, except like that of a pinch.

It was said by Rasulullah saallallahu alaihi wasallam, the people who die shaheed do not feel (the pain of) the slaying except as one of you feels (the pain of) a pinch. (HR. Ahmad, At Tirmidzi, An Nasai hadith hasan)

Are we still afraid to conduct jihad fie sabilillah and find martyrdom in the way of Allah?
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