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Default Flying/Floating Stone in Jerusalem :: Fake Image/ Hoax/ A Fake Mojza

Flying/Floating Stone in Jerusalem :: Fake Image/ Hoax/ A Fake Mojza

Assalam Alaykum,

Well,Today i’m going to discuss about this claimed miracle associated to Allah SWT.
When first time i saw i was too shocked,Wow is this really miracle of ALLAH first i believed…but then my mind warned me not to believe,this can be hoax…the person who shared with me,was not having any proof.later i saw in many islamic forums,peoples sharing this image…but with different stories…i was now sure…this is nothing but a hoax…
so,I worked on this and looked for truth…so that i can present truth infront of you !
Through the Internet we often receive an email that talks about ‘evidence of Allah’s greatness or miracle of Islam’ or ‘miracles of Allah’ without any proof, Usually, the news are in the form of a surprising: the form of images or natural events that are ‘strange’ or unusual that muslims believe on it…
but before we trust on such pictures or contents …i want to ask you
1. Have we ever inquiry or question the authenticity of such images when you recieve in email,or see in facebook pages/ gallery?
2. Honestly, do we need to proof the truth of Islam or the greatness of Allah this way?
I was also shocked to see not only forum,many good websites are also displaying this image as miracle of Allah..
I wonder,why they or you forget the commands of Allah SWT…where he order us….
Do not follow blindly any information of which you have no direct knowledge. (Using your faculties of perception and conception) you must verify it for yourself. In the Court of your Lord, you will be held accountable for your hearing, sight, and the faculty of reasoning [17/36].
Floating/Flying Rock in Jerusalem?

I’m sure you must have received this picture in your email or you viewed in any Islamic page/group in facebook/orkut or other social networking website and Islamic forums…and in case,if you have not viewed then you may view in future…
It is a widely spread picture in the internet, especially within Muslim community. Some call this floating rock, some flying rock or stone and claim it as a miracle of Allah, of the Prophet or Islam. What make the picture an ‘attention grabber’ are also the stories that accompanied the emails or blogs about it.
Different stories with this picture :

A miracle of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH):: When Holy Prophet (PBUH) reached Masjid-ul-Aqsa in the night in Jerusalem from Masjid al-Haram (Makkah) the big stone also went up in the air besides Burraq when the Prophet resumed its journey. Looking at this, the Prophet ordered the floating stone to stay there which is hanging till that time in the air.
adds the above description and said that it is is now under the Dome of the Rock, in the Palestine. Some said the rock is
now tightly guarded by the israely soldier as not to attrack muslim and to cover the miracle of the Prohet of Allah.
said it is a rock in eastern part of Saudi Arabia, in a village called Al Hassa. The rock is said to float about 10 cm from
the ground at a specific time every year and then sit back on the ground.
some says this rock tried to save a Jihadi,but the Jihadi was killed,this rocked flyed to save him,the blood of the jihadi is seen on rock (you can spot few red marks on rock)
Mostly story 1,2,3 is spread with above stone image…
Many Muslims believe the stories and account the picture to be true and eagerly said: ‘Allahu Akbar! (Allah is the great!)’ or ‘this is the miracle of Allah’. Many others questioned it. Still among the muslims and non-muslims, the picture raised some doubt and questions: is the picture real? below is truth with proof …


before reading furthur please read this…
My goal in dealing with these claims of people is not to put down the efforts of sincere scientists and researchers who seek to bring about a better understanding and appreciation for Islam and what it teaches.It is not that i don;t believe in power of ALLAH believe in Almighty we don;t need such miracles,Quran itself is a Miracle of Allah.
my only wish is to present pure and beautiful message of the Quran and hadeeth of our prophet, peace be upon him, to always strive to present accurate and authentic information, without distortiong or corruption.
Testing and questioning for sources, using our reason and logic is definitely a part of understanding true Islam and what it offers.
Now coming back to main topic….
i already knew this is not that rock..becoz.i have original picture of the rock…but i was not having more info about this rock,

With the help from Allah SWT,when i tried to search for the truth,Alhamdulilah,I found that i was right.thanks to Allah SWT.

how can i say this…read below points please…

1) I already have the original picture of Rock,and its not in open area,and not flying…
2) The story about the rock has no authentic reference from the islamic sources like hadiths or the saying of the Prophet.(if someone has the proof that IT HAS, please let me know)
3) It can be shown that the picture has been somehow manipulated or doctored.i’m technical person i know it very well,how it can be done easily in photoshop…
4) The picture is ‘too good to be true’. If it is floating, and in open air, near a village (see the car, electricity cables and the house), it means area is developed and any kind of media would surely have published the pictures and the story.
5) and i found the original picture of above rock too…


This stone is a part of a mountine in Al-Ahsa (East of Saudi Arabia)..

(taken by the person who live just behind this rock)

The Original picture of the rock is under the golden Dome of the Rock (Quba al Shahra)

This is the picture of the rock that is believed to be the standing point when the Prophet Muhammad about to ascend to heaven in the event of Isra Meraj. It is located in the infamous Dome of the Rock, in Jerusalem, one of the famous landmark of the Palestine. Is this rock actually floating? Honestly, i do not know the answer. But this is a very famous place and many pilgrims visited it every day, they should have known it if it is floating in the air.

This stone is Under this building known as DOME OF ROCK !


Very often when people send out these emails with pictures and stories, they do not take the time to investigate and authenticate their sources and then they even miss the whole point of what Islam teaches and in some cases, even give the opposite picture of what Islam is all about.
I request all Muslims, new and old alike to be more critical and investigate stories and pictures before putting and believing and sharing them up on websites, blogs, forums and social networks. Also, to be more responsible in forwarding emails and links to websites without knowing more about these concepts and ideas being offered.
Another important point is to know who the people are behind these sites and what their motivation is all about and what they are calling to.There motive might be just to earn money by getting lots of visitors or spreading fake information about Islam.
Remember, Allah is going to ask all of us about all of this,What ever you are going to share with peoples,you will be responsible for that,if you can’t verify any such things,ask your friends,still if you can;t then The best thing is IGNORE IT.much better than sharing a lie.
We don’t need such lies to proove the power of ALLAH SWT or make peoples believe in him,if you found some one sharing this picture as miracle,pls share the Article link with him…
Till the next Expose of such Lies/Hoax,Remember me in your Dua,please!
I hope you will find this work useful for you! Share your views in cmnts!

May Allah guide muslims on right path,

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