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Sunny 72 Fitna’s in ummah near Qyama’ah.

Hazarat Huzaifa ra narrated:
“Prophet Mohammad saw said there will be 72 fitna amongst Ummah before and near Qyama’ah:

1. Muslims will kill their Salah.( As according Prophet Mohammad saw Salah is the border between Kufr and Imaan, and even the person is on the death bed he/she has to offer the prayers.
2. Muslims will steel from Amanaanah ( property kept on behalf of another).
3. Muslims will start feeding on interest.
4. Lies will become an art and truthfull muslims will be falsely accused.
5. There will be a blood shed even on little disputes.
6. Tall buildings will be constructed.
7. Muslims will sell out Islam to earn the world.
8. Relatives will ill treat each other.
9. No justice and falsely accused muslims will fight on their own to get justice.
10. Muslims will wear Silk cloths.
11. Cruelity will be common.
12. Divorces will be common.
13. Sudden deaths will be common.
14. Loyal people will be accused of ill-loyalty and lies.
15. Liar will be known as trust worthy.
16. Muslims will accusing each other everyday.
17. Hot whether even there will be rains.
18. Muslims will avoid having Babies ( like we can see today that how muslims are working on family planning methods).
19. Evil/cunning people will be living a luxuriose life.
20. Noble people will suffer alottt. Cunning people will eat their mental relief.
21. Leaders and Ministers will be unjust and lie day and night to Ummah.
22. Leaders will be cruel and bruital.
23. Aalim and Qaary will become shameless.
24. People will wear cloths made up of animal skin but their hearts will be stinky.
25. Gold will become common.
26. Silver will be in demand.
27. Sins will exceed.
28. No peace will be there.
29. The Verses of Qura’an will be decorated and will be used as Ta’aweedh.
30. Mosques will be decorated.
31. Tall Pillars of the Mosques will be build.
32. Hearts of muslims will be empty.
33. Muslims will drink alcohol.
34. Shariah lwas will be abondoned.
35. Daughters will treat their Mothers as servants.
36. The people having no proper cloths and sleepers to wear even, will become rulers through corruption.
37. Women will work equal to men in trade.
38. Men and Women, both will copy each other in dressings and get ups.
39. People will swear upon things other then Allah and Qura’an.
40. Muslims will always be ready to give false witness just for favour and fame.
41. Salam will be offerd only to relevent people in the mob.
42. Muslims will study and deliver Islam only to earn fame and money.
43. World will be earned through heavnly deeds.
44. Booty and National wealth will be considered as personal assets by the muslim rulers.
45. Zaka’at will become like fine.
46. The most cunning, cruel corrupt and shameless person will become the ruler amongst Ummah.
47. Muslims will disobay their parents and obay their friends.
48. Friends will become traitors.
49. Muslim will be controlled by his wife.
50. Women who are dancers and singers will be respected rather then a true muslimah.
51. Singing instruments will be kept with great care rather then salah and obligations of Islam.
52. Cruelity and bruitality will become pride.
53. Drinking will be done openly on the streets.
54. Juslice will be sold and true muslims will suffer.
55. The skin of lions, tigers,dogs ,elephants will be used.
56. Recitation of Qura’an will become alternative to listening of songs.
57. The people in Ummah will abuse the people before them.
58. Their will be red winds blowing ( mass killings amongst ummah).
59. Earth quakes.
60. Stones will fall from skies on Ummah.(mizziles).
61. Sunnah will be forgotten.
62. Islam will become burden.
63. People will offer payers just for the show off.
64. Decoities and looting will be exceeding.
65. Cruel and a liar will become richer and will oppress the true belivers.
66. The Mosques will be decorated, and the hearts of muslims wil become dark and empty.
67. People will predict Islam by themselves.
68. Young youth will carry Qura’an will missguide people.
69. Songs inside Mosques.
70. Tall buildings around Bait ullah and Masjid-e- Nabwi.
71. Emergenve of 30 false Prophets.
72. Hypocricy. Will prevail amongst muslims.
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