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Possible hacking techniques in Pakistan
!!Ahmad Mushtaq!! !!Ahmad Mushtaq!! is offline 13-09-2008, 02:40 PM
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In this little tutorial I will tell you about a number of ways you could be hacked in Pakistan
and I will also tell you the ways of stop hacking.

The most common use of hacking in Pakistan is to obtain anyone's username and password
for his/her ISP account, now there are number of ways to do it, but in Pakistan only 3 or 4
methods are used the most, which are

1> Trojan Monitoring
2> Social Engineering
3> Shoulder Surfing

and now I will describe these techniques in details and also the ways to prevent them

Trojan Monitoring
In this method the hacker some how makes you to run an executable file. That executable may
be infact a trojan itself ( trojan is a software that does some thing behind the scenes invisible
to the user) with a little extra functionality to make you feel that it's a good software, or a trojan
may be packed into that executable file (one software that allows you to pack one programs in to
another is SilkRope) so when you execute that file the trojan also runs invisible to you and it
writes some keys to registry which allows it to execute it self whenever the windows is started

Now the trojan remains resident in memory and it monitors all you moves i.e. the keys you are pressing
the programs you are running and stuff like that....

Three of the most common trojans are Girl Friend, Back Orrifice and Netbus

Now the next time you log on to the Internet the hacker might be waiting for you and he connects to your
computer with you IP address and now he has total access to your PC and he can do what ever he wants.

How to prevent it ?
One sure way to protect your self from this type of hacking is to scan every file you download from the internet
by some Anti Virus software such as Norton AntiVirus since it detects all of the above trojans, and if you want to
remove these trojans from you executable files then you can use Eradicator but it only removes the Back Orrifice Trojan.

you can also check fro mysterious programs by checking you startup file for this go to Start Menu > Run and type msconfig
and select the startup tab and check fro any programs like windll ( girl friend disguises itself by that name ) and then ucheck
any programs you think are naughty, an if you are using Win NT then you can breathe a sight of relief since these
trojans do not work under Win NT or Win 2000. In this type of method the most important thing a hacker requires is
your IP address which is like you address on the internet so you should check with your ISP they what type of
IP allocation they are offering Static or dynamic if dynamic then you don't need to worry but if static then you can't do
any thing to stop a hacker from attaining your IP, in dynamic IP allocation your IP (Internet Protocol) is changed each
time you log on to net making it more difficult but hacker can still get you IP from any IRC chat room if they know your nick
of the trojan may itself send your Ip to it's master so the first step to protect your self is to remove that trojan and
delete it eg. the Girl Friend trojan hides with the name of Windll.exe in your windows dir e.g. c:\windows\windll.exe
so if u see it then delete it at once it don't know about netbus and BO back they use exactly the same technique

Social Engineering
This is perhaps the easiest method to hack any one, in this method the hacker simply asks you the password
while disguising himself as the administrator from your ISP, he might send you an email asking you to reply back your
password or he may ask you your password in some chat room and the only method to prevent is to trust no one
don't tell any one you password until you are 100% sure the person is the real guy

Shoulder Surfing
in this method the hacker simply watches you as you enter you user name and password. I have seen many people
who have the same password as their username so they are just inviting to be hacked. So whenever you enter your password
make sure that no one is watching you ( or no cams or pointed at you to bemore like a spy :] )

Apart from these there are numerous ways to hack any one. for example If you have some one's username and his ID Card number
then call his ISP and say 'Hey Hello, oommm I am having trouble using my password, my user name is ali can you change my password'
and the responce is 'please tell us your ID card number' now the hacker's responce is 'ok wait ... oh my Id card number is 1231321'
and now the momonet of truth the ISP spokes man says 'your password is bingo' . well cool isn't it ?

Now how to prevent it ?. I say no way to prevent it but any way tell your ISP to ask old password before giving the new password but
even then you are not secure ( I am serious )

well that covers it.. ...

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!!Ahmad Mushtaq!!
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