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How to Make Work Feel Effortless
usman_latif_ch usman_latif_ch is offline 20-02-2010, 04:17 PM
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Sometimes work can be a drag. You get caught up in trying to be more productive and suddenly your life turns into a series of to-do lists. You gauge your measure of success by how much you accomplish. You even determine how happy you allow yourself to be by how much youve gotten done in the day.
We spend a lot of time trying to find ways to be more productive. To do things faster, better, cheaper and spend our time more effectively. But instead of just doing more in less time, maybe we should focus on actually enjoying the work were doing instead.
Here are 8 ways to make work seem like less of a chore and more like a gift:

  1. Follow your natural rhythms.A lot of the time I resent working is because Im trying to force myself to do something I dont feel like doing. Naturally there will always be some things youre not crazy about doing (like cleaning the toilet). But how often do you force yourself to work more, when you really want to relax? When you force yourself to work when youve promised yourself a break, youll likely just end up distracting yourself with other things and put off working. Then you get stressed and end up resenting work. Instead, follow your natural rhythms. When you feel like working, work. When you dont, dont. Dont over complicate things.
  2. Do, don't think. Im going to stay true to this point and not think about writing something elaborate. Just do, stop thinking about it. Fail, make corrections later.
  3. Don't put sugar in your tank. You wouldnt put sugar in your gas tank right? It doesnt make much sense to fill your body up with unhealthy fuel either. If you dont have the energy to get the work you need to done, work will feel forced.
  4. Remove hidden roadblocks. Whats making you avoid working? Whats making your work seem like drudgery rather than joyful? It might have something to do with your beliefs about yourself. Maybe you believe youre not good enough, smart enough or dont have enough experience. Question your beliefs about what you can and cant do.
  5. Only do your best. Work can easily become a chore when youre trying to constantly be perfect. The truth is, some of your ideas might not be so great. Others will be mind blowing. If you can accept that and just do your best, you stop judging yourself. Guess what it feels like when youre no longer picking over everything you do with a fine toothed comb? It feels extremely liberating. It feels like you can actually enjoy your experience, rather than worrying about how everything is going to turn out. That is working effortlessly.
  6. Act from your gut. When you think you have a great idea, believe it. Follow it. Chase it until youre out of breath and can barely hold yourself up. Because if you dont trust yourself, youll regret it later. The best way to live is to follow your intuition and trust life. If nothing else, trust yourself. Because if you cant trust yourself, how can you trust your mistrust? Thats not very smart is it?
  7. Focus on what matters. Our minds are constantly pulling us in different directions. We have to wash the cat, buy more apple cinnamon oatmeal, finish writing that resignation letter to your no-longer-boss at your dead-end job, and all sorts of other things. We have a tendency to follow whats urgent instead of whats important. In order to get the important things done, we have to be ruthless at removing distractions. If it takes bringing a laptop (or notepad) to a cafe to write your grandiose novel, then do that. Avoid the vacuum of minutiae urgency. Remove all distractions so you can focus on the important things. I would much rather spend 4 hours working on an important project, then 4 hours spinning my wheels and scratching my head trying to figure out what I did today.
  8. Refuse to do what you dont want to do. I often avoid working because Im trying to do things I think I should do. I think I should read more because it will make me smarter. I think I should buy new clothes because it will make me cooler. I think I should work on this project because it will be good for my resume. Forget what you think you should do (except maybe paying your rent). Do what you want to do. Other people will understand. In fact, theyll probably envy you.


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