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  1. Introduction to WAN Protocols
  2. Final Paper Broad band Networks BSIT 5th. By sir Taimoor.
  3. Lecture: Zigbee and its uses
  4. Different Switching techniques Presentations
  5. Report & Presentation on TCPIP Broad Band Network
  6. Virtual private network (VPN) Presentation and Report
  7. Satellite Networks Presentation and Report
  8. Presentation on Network security issues in networking
  9. Wi-Fi Network Standards Architecture Presentation by Dani, taha, Imran, frukh...
  10. Multipexing Report
  11. Report on Voice Over IP (VOIP), Submitted to Sir Taimoor Hasan
  12. Amazing facts about EVDO
  13. Wireless Technology EVDO Presentation Slide Sheraz,Khuram,Bukhti. (BSIT07-11)
  14. Mid term paper Broad Networks; Sir Taimoor Hassan BSIT07 5th semester
  15. H.323 and SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)
  16. Wimax and GSM Connectivity; Assignment ;)
  17. WIMAX Technology how WIMAX works
  18. 3.5G implemented or not?