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  1. Program to enter 10 integers in a single-dimension array and then print out the array in ascending order
  2. Program to enter a sentence and output the number of uppercase & lowercase consonants, uppercase & lowercase vowels in senten
  3. Program to print the first 10 lines of pascal's triangle
  4. Program to identify if an input is a symbol, digit or character
  5. Program to compute the fibonacci series
  6. Program to convert 2-digit octal number into binary number and print it
  7. Program to find the sum of each row & column of a matrix of size n x m and if matrix is square, find the sum of the diagonals
  8. Program to enter an integer and output it in the reversed form
  9. Program to find the roots of a quadratic equation
  10. Program to enter salary and output income tax and net salary
  11. Program to enter the unit reading and output the customer's telephone bill
  12. Program to enter two integers and print the quotient and remainder
  13. Program to plot pixels
  14. Program to construct a 3-dimensional bar
  15. Program to write in different fonts on the screen
  16. Program to change the foreground colors and draw circles on the screen
  17. Program to change the background colors on the screen
  18. Program to draw circles
  19. Program to draw 2 rectangles and fill 1 of them
  20. Program to enter the principal, rate & time and print the simple interest
  21. Program to enter the sale value and print the agent's commission
  22. Program to enter an integer and print its total value based on the formula 'x - 1/3!x^3 + 1/5!x^5 - 1/7!x^7 + 1/9!x^9'