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  1. Zoom In
  2. Facebook home page in Punjabi
  3. Traffic Police and Motor Cycle
  4. Faisalabad Wolves Champion League T20 2013 say bahar
  5. That Awkward Moment at Tandoor
  6. Portrait of an insomniac
  7. Height of prank call
  8. Aakhri ball hai, Chakkha lagna hee hoga
  9. Pentium 4 399 rupee kilo
  10. Three Purritos To Go i
  11. Moment when you do not know the answer
  12. Evolution of Student
  13. Only in Pakistan
  14. Exam Result
  15. Like boss, on Train
  16. Can you see Meera's shoes
  17. Guinness World Record - Worlds Longest Tongue
  18. Different Moments during Altaf Bhai's Press Conference
  19. Heights of Punishment
  20. Maano Bili kay Pangay khatam nahi hotay
  21. LOL, Iss Kaalay ko kia hua hoga...
  22. How we draw {{ Curly Bracket }}
  23. Youtube Buffering Complete and Full Screen
  24. Computer Game Levels 2001 vs 2012
  25. A portable play-station
  26. Look at the red point Then look up to the roof
  27. Fail Bus, Collision
  28. Baji maaf kar du ghalti hu gai
  29. Funny politics
  30. Refresh your laptop in 1 second
  31. A Foot ball Kick
  32. Today we are going to learn about matrix
  33. Why does not she just get into the door
  34. hey guys whats going on here..
  35. Man turn his face illusion
  36. People nowadays
  37. It's called Sister's Love
  38. Taking a bath in cold water
  39. awaaam ki appeal.........:P
  40. No means nothing to a goose
  41. Can this girl Proposed the man ......
  42. Baby sleep positions
  43. Don't judge too quickly
  44. A funny photo of a man arrested during a haircut
  45. Lagta hai sare engineers pagal hogaye hian
  46. First time, Oh i just love this song
  47. Playing with the Pen Clip
  48. Jo Sota hay wo Khota hay
  49. Pichayyyy hat jao
  50. Forever Alone
  51. Childhood of Misbah
  52. Watching a horror Movie
  53. Life and Death Game
  54. Computer geeks
  55. How to drive a Nail; awe
  56. Cat and Jump
  57. Try To Touch His Nose With Your Cursor
  58. Molana Nawaz Sharif
  59. Difference between rich and poor
  60. Gillani Sahab, we want change
  61. Best perfume
  62. Game over
  63. 1122.....................
  64. Dr...
  65. Funny kids in Fashion
  66. Funny Naughty Maano
  67. Proud To be PAKISTANI.....:p
  68. Mechanical Engineer vs Software Engineer
  69. Cartoon Network Past & Present
  70. Benefits of having an unsuccessful life
  71. Abba Meri Shadi Karwa De
  72. Police and Donkey
  73. New barat style
  74. Zubaida apa k cooking tootkay
  75. A formula for understand a women
  76. Horror Movie
  77. Dear girl if a guy pauses a Video Game
  78. Arabic BYE CYCLE.....!
  79. Designer vs developer
  80. Modern Bike...lolxz...
  81. Facebook addiction..
  82. Expanding a mathematical equation
  83. Bike Stunt
  84. University vs High School Students
  85. Computer ka Krishma, I will got sleep in 15 minutes
  86. Animated Cat with a Mouse bouncing him on Spoon
  87. Is it how kids start to learn how useful swearing might be!
  88. You Mad (Dinkachika)
  89. Creative Keyboard Products
  90. Salman Mushtaq ki maafi
  91. Tiger Rug Made of 500,000 Cigarettes
  92. You are every minute of my everyday K-A
  93. Sad Story
  94. Advantage of Cropping Photos
  95. Kis nay kaha tha Pepsi pe 5 rupee kam kar du
  96. Ye sahib bara nai hona chatay
  97. 2 and 4 Circles..
  98. koi aur na daikh lay
  99. Usman bhai paper khatam hone say 10 mint phelay
  100. No matter whats ur age... :D When you get this in your hands.. u start doing this :D
  101. You Salary why are you not growing
  102. ufff attitude of girls
  103. Wo kis k sath bhag gai
  104. jori of the year
  105. Habshi Amazing cream...
  106. Facebook medicine..
  107. Facebook problem...
  108. A public message to zardari...
  109. Haram ka maaaall....
  110. agr comments nai deny to.....
  111. Shirt hai preshan na ho...
  112. Perhako hony ki nishani...
  113. Sirf double swari mana hai.....
  114. The Geekiest Shoes Ever
  115. Hungry Cat lol
  116. Cricket or Circket
  117. Study in 4 steps
  118. Salman Mushtaq aur Haseeb Chocolate Kay Chakar main
  119. Lo ji in k kam chuck karu
  120. Profile : Ghabbar singh vald hari singh
  121. Kis nay kaha tha facebook ka account free kar du
  122. Happy sunday 27/11/2011
  123. Happy Chimneys Funny Gif
  124. By the Year 3000 , Cosmetics well be much Easier to apply
  125. I can not sleep
  126. Soccer Ninja Kick Win......
  127. Helicopter Hair Style LOL so funny.....
  128. A rare funny motor bike accident during race
  129. Thats right dear our ancestors had tails
  130. Dance in alone and public
  131. She needs a smile :)
  132. Best Pillow for Girl and Boys
  133. Cha gaya afridi
  134. Skelto ff Skelto n
  135. facebook teri tu ajj ..,,...
  136. 1990 & 2011
  137. Sab say bara marasi
  138. Zubaida apa aur wili leaks
  139. Zardari, Altaf bhai , Gilani sahib
  140. Bug in Programing Code
  141. Pa-One, Inspired by Ra-one
  142. Kill the mosquito!!, Catch the moving bug
  143. Getting girl is like this.. :)
  144. An Old Man Working
  145. Oppps;. Ulti aa gaye... gandaa
  146. The REAL game
  147. Snake Died
  148. Na Insafiyan: Questions In Class, Homework and in Exam
  149. Rent a Dulha and Dulhan
  150. Beautiful Mathematical Dance move Angels
  151. Flying man. can you do this?
  152. Hum kab sudhrain gay
  153. Future of Cricket in Pakistan...... After Spot Fixing court case decision.
  154. Lu g facebook yahian bhi pohanch gai
  155. Firdos Aashiq Awan
  156. An angry man using the computer
  157. Printing made easy
  158. Aik tikki aur 5 rupee k pakuray
  159. Escape He finally did it
  160. 15 Years ago and Today
  161. I really want you to go outside and play
  162. Two Opposite Suicides , Job Market
  163. The biggest traffic jam of all time in whole world
  164. Great Men, Great Discoveries, Einstein and Dr Rehman Malik
  165. Amazing side pose Photo..wonderful!
  166. Osama bin Ladin likes, Barak Obama fb Status
  167. Salman Api ka New Laptop
  168. My wife tried to use a Credit Card
  169. Mails 10 year ago and now
  170. Problem Solved
  171. Software Developing vs Testing Team
  172. Darling there seems to be Bug in your Bed
  173. Downloading Sleep.exe
  174. People who work computer
  175. Wana see Null Pointer
  176. Zoordaari Inspired by Steve. Steal Jobs, Zoordaari
  177. .."Go Zardari Go"...
  178. In k kam check karain zara
  179. Yey kiya daikh raha/rahi hai
  180. Nahi khetay ji
  181. Facebook in now common
  182. Har larkay ki khuhaish
  183. Best Jori 2011
  184. Sabit hua larkiyun ki zaban
  185. Ab bhi agar na jage tu
  186. Bakra notice
  187. Yey larkiyan kaise pehanti hun gi
  188. Full time ayashi
  189. Karachi ka dengue
  190. Funny hair cut
  191. Lo Ji
  192. everything possible...!!!
  193. She said she will call
  194. Pakistan puppet Prime Minister.....:P
  195. Effects of wireless technology :P
  196. Tarain zameen par
  197. Anty Rocking
  198. "water on mars,we got it first", announcement from ministry of information.
  199. Kar Lo Gal :)
  200. Bhai us ne apki photo par comment na kiya
  201. Shah Rukh Khan Ra One Funny Picture
  202. Aik muhabbat hi nai dunya main dard ka sabab jaan g
  203. Oh no, Tooba tooba, namaz main phone call
  204. dhinka chika, dhinka chika, dhinka chika, aa aa aa a
  205. Security High alert In P@kistan
  206. This is what you look
  207. Superglue Hillary Clinton
  208. Good use of dvds
  209. Student life
  210. CD Honda new model 2012
  211. Advance Eid Ul Azha mubarak
  212. Mera koi kuch bhi nai bigar sachta
  213. Tum main say muje aba ki mehak ati hai
  214. Agar app apna naam khud rakh sachtay tu
  215. Aik larki ki dua
  216. Dumm tu Seedhi jaga per lagwani thei.. Toopi per hei lagwa li
  217. Marta Phr bhi Pakistani He hay
  218. Baby hang on wall
  219. KOn zaida gorta hai
  220. Darling please give me hair dryer
  221. Yey larkiyan bhi na
  222. Journey of Life
  223. Dont worry i am there
  224. Please give me a kiss
  225. Stages of engineering student
  226. "hum ny aisy ujaar di jaisy......* ......!!zindagi baap ki kamai h0"
  227. When a Girl Sleep, Cartoon Picture
  228. Beauty-consciousness is very important in some cases .. Well!! Mostly in this case :d
  229. Abba shocked .. Kaaki rocked :ddd
  230. O tada pla hovay :ddd
  231. Woh Kahan Hum Kahan
  232. Qoum Ka Waseeh Tar Mufaad....:P
  233. Love Guru :P
  234. Which of these is not a web browser
  235. Birthdays .. Then and Now
  236. Papa is nt an ATM machine :pppp
  237. Kasoor kis ka
  238. Sanu v lai chal naal ve
  239. Fasla rakhaian warna piyar hu jae ga
  240. University Girl :P
  241. Pakistan agency isi kay khof say president obama nay chars peena shuru kardy hai
  242. "Steve Job's" grave
  243. Wah Kyaa Pyaaar Hai :D
  244. Black Magic :D :D :D
  245. Future of Pakistan ......
  246. Aow bacho sair kaerwaein tumko pakistan ki...
  247. yeh marta tu ha magar...,
  248. Two big political parties of Pakistan :P
  249. Our education system!
  250. USB Device Not Recognized :D