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  1. Finel term Paper E commerce BSIT 5th semester By sir adnan Rafiq
  2. Search Engine Optimization For Dummies Download
  3. Internet marketing (Khurram Shahzad)
  4. Paypal Presentation
  5. Log files presentation by Shah Rukh
  6. Google Adsense by maimoona
  7. E-govenment by kiran,razena
  8. Search Engine Optimization
  9. E-business Public Relations and CRM Lecture by sir adnan rafiq
  10. Electronic Payment Systems Lecture by sir adnan rafiq
  11. E-cash Payment System Lecture by sir adnan rafiq
  12. OsCommerce Presentation By Ahmad Mushtaq
  13. E GOld By M. Sheraz anjum sheikh
  14. Presentation On CYBERGOLD by UsMAn(yellow stone)
  15. The Research Process (BSIT07-11)
  16. Research Design (BSIT07-11)
  17. Electronic Payment Systems - Lecture Slides - (BSIT07-11)
  18. Mid term paper E-Commerce; Sir Adnan Rafiq BSIT07-5th semester
  19. Cryptography; Last lecture before mid... (BSIT07-11)
  20. Firewalls, Proxy server, Virtual private network (VPN), Security the biggest challenge (BSIT07-11)
  21. E-Mail Marketing Lecture on 9 Oct Friday (BSIT07-11)
  22. E-commerce Client Server Architecture Lecture on 8 October 09 (BSIT07-11)
  23. [PPT]Revenue Models - Lecture Slides (BSIT07-11)
  24. [PPT]E-Business Models - Lecture Slides (BSIT07-11)
  25. An Example of an Autobiography
  26. How to write an Autobiography
  27. E-C-Models Strategies Download PPT Slide.. (BSIT06-10)
  28. Web Programming with PHP 5 (BSIT06-10)
  29. Lecture:Security and Encryption,Public Key Cryptography,Seven Security Threats & more (BSIT06-10)
  30. Competitive analysis Strategy & the Internet (BSIT06-10)
  31. Lecture 4 & 5 PHP and MySQ Installation,Configuration and Integration (BSIT06-10)
  32. Lecture 3, Internet ,Protocols,IP,Networking,Domains etc fully explained (BSIT06-10)
  33. Lecture 6,Manipulating MySQL Databases with PHP (BSIT06-10)
  34. Lecture10: Maintaining State Information Using Cookies By Sir Rashid Mukhtar (BSIT06-10)
  35. Lecture: Survey of eCommerce Technology Slides By Sir Rashid Mukhtar
  36. Introduction to JavaScript PPT slides (BSIT06-10)
  37. Dynamic Programming with PHP. Cookies and Data Base Lecture9