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  1. Final term Paper Organizational Behaviour By Sir Tisman Pasha BSIT-5th 26 January 2011
  2. Flexible benefits & Developing a benefit Package by Muzamil
  3. Contemporary Theories of Motivation
  4. Emotion & Emotional labor by Javeria Ayub 08-45 & Fiaz Ahmad 08-46
  5. Work Stress and Its Management SAMIULLAH KAIFI 16
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  7. Final term Paper Organizational Behaviour By Sir Tisman Pasha BSIT-5th 22 December 2009
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  17. Motivation By Job Design By uzma 07-08
  18. Theories of Motivation, By Madiha
  19. Motivation Presnted by Kiran,07-05 Stephen P. Robbins
  20. Team and Virtual Team, Team Versus Group: What’s the Difference... Chapter 10 OB
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  24. Influences In Decision Making beeni Presentation
  25. Problem & decision Ob presentation By Shafaq Mehmood BSIT072 Chapter5 O.B Robbins & Judge
  26. Mid term paper Organization Bahviour ; Sir Ahmad Tisman BSIT07 5th semester; 29 Octobere 2009
  27. Attitudes and Job Satisfaction Chapter 03, Book Organizational Behaviour 13 ed by Robbins & Judge.ppt
  28. Foundations of Individual Behavior Chapter 02, OB 13th Edition by Robbins & Judge
  29. What Is Organizational Behavior Chapter01, OB 13th editions by Robbins & Judge
  30. [Notes] Book - Stephen P. Robbins Organizational Behaviour 9th edition