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Waqas Ahmed
Nice topic Daily Lesson's from Islam and other (Share yours's)

This thread is created to post helpful quates, Ahdees, Hazrat Ali Lessons, And other good lessons that can help others in their daily life.


1- Posts only that messages that can be easily under-stadable.
2- Posts should not be poems or sher-o-shairy.
3- With ahdees give there references.
4- Give your messages, one per day.
5- Many persons can give messages on a same day, but please one person give one message per day.

Please also use poll to give us your thoughts about these posts.


I am posting the first Message.

" The shortest solution of every problem is to minimize the distance between your knees and floor ".

Those who knee down to ALLAH can stadup to every thing.


Take Care !!

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