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Unhappy Re: Twin blasts hit Islamic University Islamabad; seven dead, 22 injured; ییӊی ی Ϙ

Assalam-o-alaikum everyone!

its one of the most tragic n sad events in the history of our country. with students becoming the victum of terrorism n no educational institute is considered safe now, how n why will parents send their children for acquiring education? n to add to the sadness of this event, all educational institues including govt n private schools n colleges n now our university too are closed for the saftey purpose of students n for the the time Unknown..!? but the loss of education they are having is limitless.

may Allah bless the souls of those students of IIUI who left us in blasts!
n may Allah forgive us all n save our homeland Pakistan from this calamity of terrorism. Amen!

Allah hafiz

S. Khan
The ArcheR
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