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How to share Lectures and Notes with the students and friends on the bzupages
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Dear Aslamo Alaikum..
How are you all.
Hope you will fine.
So I am sharing this new thread for those sweet Students who don't know how to share Lectures and Notes with the students and friends on the

See an example ..
It will help you for posting...

Consider you are the student of BSTS 1st Semster and want to share the Notes.

Then Click on the BSTS 1st Semester as shown in the screen shot below this text..

See the screen:Name:  ts1kk5.jpg
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After this you will find the next page,which will show all the subject of which you are studying in BSTS 1st Semester

See the screen:Name:  ts2pg4.jpg
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So now if you want to share the lectures /notes for Islamic Studies.
Click on the Islamic Studis...
and it will show all the Notes/Lectures shared by the other students.

You want to share your notes , Just Click on the
Button available at the Top and bottom of the shared lectures..

This New Thread Button will lead you to the Rich Text Editor, Where you will write the Title of the Notes which you want make the part of Internet Via Bzupages..

For more Read the Instruction on the Screen Shot Below...

See the Screen:
Name:  edtorbf1.jpg
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================================================== ================

Name:  editorebm1.jpg
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If you are feeling any problem in posting reply this thread,


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