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Apple iPad is a Great Business Gadget
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The Apple iPad made its much anticipated debut in US on Saturday, April 3rd. Many people ask me if the iPad is a good buy for business users. While there was a lot of hype and anticipation over the looks of the iPad, little was known about iPad’s capabilities as a business or productivity tool. Apple launched the iPad in US two days ago and it unveiled a new section on its website – ‘iPad in Business’ which highlights the strengths of the iPad as a great business gadget.
Talk of the most common business features like support for email, contacts, calendar, LDAP and the Apple iPad features most of them. It has in-built support for Microsoft Exchange, offers secure access to corporate data and provides a very powerful platform for apps.
From a security perspective, the iPad is fully secure and offers layers of security to protect your data. It provides in-built support for many security protocols including Cisco IPSec VPN, WPA2 Enterprise Wi-Fi, and SSL/TLS. iPad also supports certificate based authentication, thereby allowing secure connections to corporate data via Exchange and VPN.
So, what is it that makes the iPad perfect for business needs? The answer to this question, without any doubt, is the massive choice of thousand of business apps available at the Apple App Store. I believe that the following 5 iPad apps are a must for any business user to fully utilize the great business potential of iPad.
1) Webex – This app from Cisco is free and it lets you attend meetings without a Webex account. Further, it lets you view documents, remote desktops, applications and share files – all on your iPad. You can even have two way audio conversations using this free iPad app.
2) LogMeIn Ignition – This iPad app allows you to remotely access your PC on your iPad. At $29.99, this app is definitely priced on the higher side, but given the amount of flexibility and power it offers, it is worth it. The app has been around for a while now and is used by a large number of people on their iPhones.
3) iWork for iPad – iWork is the preferred office suite for Apple Mac and the best part is that it is compatible with Microsoft Office. iWork makes it easy to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations on your iPad. It allows users to import/ export files from/ to their Mac and computers running on Windows.
4) iDisplay – This cool app can turn your iPad into a secondary 10-inch monitor for your Mac. Priced at $4.99, it does not cost a fortune and lets the iPad double up as a monitor at your home or workplace.
5) Memeo Connect Reader – This iPad app allows business users to access their Google Docs account, even in an offline mode. It allows you to view documents in most Microsoft Office formats and you can sync them with your Google Docs account to ensure that your iPad has the latest data.
To wrap it up, the Apple iPad may not replace your laptop any time soon, but it offers great business value and is bound to give most business notebooks a run for their money in the coming few years.

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