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.BZU. 08-10-2011 02:41 AM

Steve Jobs - A life in pictures Extraordinary photos of Apple founder Steve Jobs
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Steve Jobs - his extraordinary life captured in some very cool photos.
Steve Jobs, the Apple co-founder and former CEO, has died at the age of 56
Steve Jobs (1955 - 2011) founded Apple Computer in 1976, and the world of technology was changed forever.

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Jobs founded Apple Computer with fellow gadget nut Steve Wozniak (together above and below), the technical brains behind Apple. They became known as The Two Steves, but it was Jobs who was to become Steve, while his pal was just Woz.

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Apple started with the homebrew Apple I but changed the computer industry with the hugely popular and ground-breaking Apple II, the first mass-produced computer in a user-friendly plastic case with built-in keyboard.

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Steve got Intel millionaire Mark Markkula to invest in the fledling Apple.

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It was easy to tell the fledgling marketing visionary from the technical boffin.

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"In the future computers will be this size." Visonary Steve knew he had to tame that hair if he was to get Apple into big business. The bow tie look didn't last for long, though.

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The original laptop. Steve Jobs achieved legendary computer status with the launch of the Macintosh computer in 1984.

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Steve's bow tie was swapped for a smart straight tie for his appearance on the front cover of the premier issue of Macworld magazine.

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But at home the Zen student didn't go for suits or bow ties, or even much furniture as he lived the minimalist dream that would become the Apple way.

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Although in later life they counted each other as great friends, Steve Jobs and Microsoft founder Bill Gates were bitter enemies in business.

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Steve was Apple and Apple was Steve. Here he is smart again for a rather obviously posed publicity shot.

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And here's Steve looking every inch the causal millionaire at work.

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Steve was popular with his close team workers but ultimately proved unpopular with the Apple board of directors and was forced out of the company in 1985.

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The world of computers and the mainstream business media were in shock. Apple Computer without Steve Jobs? Unthinkable.

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But Steve didn't hang around - after all he was just 30 years old. He wasn't a hanging around type of guy. He founded NeXT Computer, which he eventually sold back to Apple for the basis of its Mac OS X operating system.

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This time he got investment money for NeXT from Ross Perot.

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He also purchased the computer wing of George Lucas' Star Wars Electrical Light & Magic company, turning it into Pixar, which would revolutionise animated movies.

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Steve returned to Apple in 1997, and briefly experimented with the big beard again - looking like a French rugby player. A millionaire tech visonary French rugby player in a turtleneck.

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He didn't hang about back at Apple either, launching the (yes) revolutionary all-in-one iMac computer in 1998.

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And other slimline products that cost a lot but were very, very cool.

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His Apple keynote events were the most popular ticket in the technology calendar. He nearly always had a surprise up his sleeve, although one time it was Safari for Windows. Come on, Steve - you can do better than that!

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Sadly Steve fell ill with pancreatic cancer and liver complaints, and the strain on his body began to show.

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Steve might have been seriously ill but he continued to work at Apple, missing just a few months here and there for vital treatment.

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Steve Jobs, legendary tech visionary, you will be missed. Rest in peace.

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Re: Steve Jobs - A life in pictures Extraordinary photos of Apple founder Steve Jobs

.BZU. 08-10-2011 06:13 AM

Re: Steve Jobs - A life in pictures Extraordinary photos of Apple founder Steve Jobs
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11 Greatest Victories of Steve Jobs

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In 1976, Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne launched the Apple I, which was sold for $666.66.

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Although the Apple Macintosh was Apple's first big hit, this one-time iconic Super Bowl cemented Apple in the public consciousness.

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Already bolstered by the iconic "1984" ad, the Macintosh launched. With the Mac, the GUI was introduced to the mainstream market, and sales took off when the PageMaker desktop publishing software began selling.

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In 1997, Apple had sunk into the dark years, with John Sculley, Michael Spindler, and Gil Amelio serving as chief executive. Flops like the Performa line sunk Apple's reputation. On July 9, 1997, Jobs returned as interim chief executive.

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On Aug. 15, 1998, Apple launched a new all-in-on computer: the iMac. Led by Jonathan Ive, the hardware team designed a simple, sleek computer with an important element: fun. The candy-coated hues would soon be copied by the entire PC industry.

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Until Oct. 23, 2001, Apple had always been thought of as a computer company. The iPod changed all that. It single-handedly destroyed competitors like Creative Technology, and made MP3 and AAC part of the lexicon.

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On Jan. 9, 2007, Apple and Jobs launched the iPhone, which took computing to the next level: mobile. While the phone might have been subpar, the iPhone's success was as an app platform, as it spawned an entire ecosystem.

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In 2008, Jobs and Apple launched the MacBook Air, a Macbook whose form factor once again became the talk of the industry. Jobs' reveal - pulling it out of a manilla envelope - was magic.

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In 2003, Apple announced iTunes, the first Web store for music. Suddenly, the CD was dead. Later, iTunes became the platform for apps as well, and electronic storefronts became the place to buy electronics goods. (As a piece of software, however, iTunes has met with less praise.)

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In summer 2010, Apple was buffeted by reports (including in PC Magazine) that the iPhone held in a "death grip" could interfere with its reception. Jobs called a press conference, announced a free "bumper" case to alleviate the problem, and took a few reporters to task in the process. Perhaps not the greatest public-relations move, but vintage Jobs.

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Tablet PC? Oh, you mean that Microsoft thing? That was what a tablet was until Jan. 27, 2010, when Apple introduced the iPad. Once considered to be a gimmick, the iPad has sold millions of units and, again, launched an entire new computing segment.

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