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Salman Mushtaq 10-08-2011 10:16 AM

Top 10 ways to develop your confidence
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Recreational activities (#10)
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Recreation is very important part and parcel of studentsí life. Experts say that if you want to boost your confidence you should participate in those activities which give you happiness and joy. Students should not study all the time they should spend some time to play and chill with friends. Here important factor is that donít waste your study time in recreation you should make a schedule of studying and playing. There are lots of games and activities which you can do for recreation as cricket, hockey, outing with friends and family etc. Students you can also read different books and magazines for recreation which also boost your knowledge.

Fear of criticism (#09)
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Most of the students feel fear of criticism or rejection which makes them unconfident. The law of feedback says there is no failure it is just feedback. So students donít feel any kind of fear of criticism. You can easily control over your fear of failure and criticism. You should not give up and keep on trying again and again and treat your experiences as an opportunity to learn new things even if you failed or criticized. Many students take their failures or criticism of others personally, donít do it and review others criticism just to correct yourself but never take it personally.

Socialization (#08)
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Lack of socialization is very common factor of lack of confident. Most of students especially who are from remote areas mostly hesitate in socialization with other students and it make them unconfident. When students socialized in their college or university they never feel unconfident in any matter. Students should meet new people and socialize with them quickly. When you are able to socialize quickly in new environment this would boost your confident. When you are socialized with your class you wouldnít feel hesitation to talk to them. So students try to socialize with people quickly. There are many ways through which you can socialize with others.

Identify your success (#07)
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Students always remind yourself of all the good things and achievements which you have done in your life. This thing will reveal your personality to you and gives you very good confident. For this purpose you can also jot down your achievement. Whenever you remind your previous success it would motivate you for the new success. Your success stories are always helpful for make you confident.

Everyday try to learn something new (#06)
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One of the best things to boost your confident is to get new knowledge, try to learn something new everyday. For this purpose you can talk to your friends & fellows, share your knowledge and information to them and listen them carefully. Students should read the latest news of their relative field and also read new books which would give you good knowledge which will boost your confidence. Every time when you get new information about anything, share them with other friends and fellows listen their responses carefully and also give your own opinion about it.

Accept failure (#05)
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Failures usually disappointed students very much and also they lost their confident. If you gave views in the class and your teacher and friends thought it very stupid. It usually lost your confident but you should not be disappointed and always remember that no one can be perfect and if youíve done a mistake others also do mistakes. You should not do a mistake again. A failure always guides you towards the right way because it gives information that how you canít be successful. After a failure find out the reasons of your failure and try again for success.

Share knowledge and experience (#04)
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Knowledge sharing is one of the best tools to gain confidence. Students whatever you know share it with your friends and fellows. If you share your knowledge with others, first of all it would give you courage to talk with others and when others gave their response you definitely know the some other aspects of a fact or event. Sharing knowledge also gives you courage to speak up in the class or other gatherings. Students who feel shy to speak up in the class should try to share their knowledge and experiences with small group of students which would boost their confident and very soon they would be able to share their views with the whole class.

Be Positive (#03)
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Students always be positive and donít feel complex about any thing. You should notice the comments of people about your personality and take these comments positively. Which comments are in your appraisal add in your memory as it is your quality and the comments which highlights your drawbacks and shortcomings remember them that you have to remove these shortcomings of your personality. Students always try to create scenes in your mind of happiness and success. These scenes make you happy and also boost your confident. Try to meet people who encourage you and inform you about your wrongdoings in a positive manner. In our society there are lots of people they just know to admiring other without any reason, you should try to avoid that kind of persons and donít notice their admirations about you.

Arm yourself with the facts & figures (#02)
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Students if you want to be confident then get more and more information about your surroundings and society. You should try to know the fact and figures of any particular issue. What would be the benefit of getting information? Students you would be able to talk with your peers and family about that particular issue. The reason of lacking confidence sometimes is also the lack of information on that issue. Students you should read newspaper daily and well aware of your country politics as well as the international events. Reading newspapers and surfing internet is one of the best tool of getting information about different issues and events. Try to know the latest news and inform your class fellows and teachers about that news.

Explore yourself / know your worth (#01)
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First try to explore positive aspect of your personality as your experience, knowledge, skills, expertise, talent, your physical and social sources and anything else which makes you feel good about yourself. The educational system of Pakistan usually not develops confidence among students because students always told just their wrongdoings and shortcomings and this didnít make them confident. So students if you want to boost your confident you have to know your qualities and skills. You should be aware of what you can do and what canít. If you know your qualities and skills and very much sure about what you can do then you definitely could do it and it gives you the confidence. In our society most of students who belong to remote areas usually to much unconfident in class because they thought their fellows have great knowledge.

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