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  1. Shutting down bzupages......
  2. New Here Need Help
  3. Welcome our new Moderator ZeeSmile for Chit Chat Forum
  4. Salman mushtaq ne apnay apko Moderator bana diya
  5. Your forum is gud but some improvement required...
  6. Free Mashwara
  7. Aik .... Idea.. about jokes and quotes section
  8. Admins Help
  9. Moderators
  10. Music section closed/..
  11. New Calender Required ............
  12. New Section Created for Single Ashar poetry
  13. Plz Remove it...!
  14. Vote: Just want to remove Youtube Video Directory
  15. Yay kiya masla hai , Help ?
  16. offline w3school
  17. Winners of gaming Competition..
  18. BZUPAGES Updates
  19. Whatthe purpose........................??
  20. Participate in Arcade Gaming Competition, and Win Prizes
  21. online 5000 live channel
  22. Congratulation Momna on 1000 post here @ bzupages
  23. Forum
  24. Error !!!!
  25. Problem Occurs Please Solve This ??
  26. Testing jpg gif
  27. MiSS YOU.
  28. Help me
  29. A request from Salman mushtaq
  30. Jaldi Kuch Karain Plz
  31. BZUPAGES ke members ko Kia Eidi milni chaiye?
  32. Who approve my album pictures ............?
  33. Na Insaafi ,, Must Read
  34. New Forum Fashion Beauty & LifeStyle added
  35. Online Radio Pakistan Multan,Islamabad, FM101,FM94, Fm93 is added
  36. Welcome me as admin and bonfire as moderator
  37. ی ی ی
  38. Hello ADMIN
  39. My suggestion
  40. Pictures uploading problem at bzu
  41. How to post attached image inside the Post (Inline attachment)
  42. Competition:: BZUPAGES 3rd Anniversary is near!!
  43. Suggestion
  44. Feed back
  45. Closing Audio/Video forums
  46. Please test quick reply
  47. Designing
  48. New sub-domain, for free web development tutorial added
  49. New style of bzupages for this summer 2010 :)
  50. What is this achievement ?
  51. BZUPAGES Updates
  52. Online Photo Editor added
  53. Face book like button added
  54. Regional Poetry
  55. Now you can embed facebook videos here, in Online Videos section.
  56. Now you can add, Faceebook,Youtube,Twitter,Myspace and Gmail ID in your forum profile and postbit
  57. New feature for searching user picture albums added
  58. Question
  59. girlz corner
  60. New updates on BZUPAGES 9 Feb 2010
  61. Quran majeed with multilanguage, Added..
  62. New forum News & information/IT Pictures added under BZU graphics section
  63. New forum Funny Cut Piece added
  64. New Smilies added for Forum editor...
  65. Smiley Codes that you can use in Live Chat with your friends
  66. Upto 525 New arcade games added..
  67. Now you can save/bookmark your favorite thread or post at bzupages
  68. How To unsubscribe BZUPAGES Notifications...
  69. Do It Yourself - 160 projects/ 160 Books.
  70. Super-MODERATOR ...... [emsplanet] Ki Shikayat.... Admin plz come.
  71. B.Com: Need Up-to-date Information
  72. Jaldi kar
  73. Videos/Audios forum closed for Ramdan..
  74. Here at BZUPAGES 1st time. Users active in the past 24 hours: 3022 (29 members and 2993 guests)
  75. Congrats to me for completing 3000 exclusive posts here at BZU
  76. New forums for BSCS 7th and IT 5th added...
  77. size of profile image
  78. Font styling; Default User Text Formatting
  79. BZUPAGES.COM is now in Top 100,000 sites of the world ... (Congratulation)
  80. Moving Bzupages to new DataCenter
  81. Please add webmasters/ SEO Section in this Forum
  82. Need Help for Date Sheet B.Com Part-I
  83. Kindly Add Old classic songs category in youtube videos
  84. Request for a new Topic..
  85. Congratulations Bzupages on 1000 Members....
  86. Limitation for attachment...50 MB quota for registered member
  87. Welcome our new staff. (Usman Latif as Global Moderator)
  88. 15 new games added...
  89. Suggestion for the addition of .pps uploading extention
  90. Are you ready for New Look...
  91. Watch and Listen to Geo News Live online; Live Streaming after banning,
  92. Please check out the error
  93. dictionary
  94. We are changing our data center . from servage to Ifhosting.com
  95. Suggestion Amazing
  96. Bzupages Online Transmission
  97. New Rules for the members of bzupages.com
  98. New forums for IT 2nd and CS 6th Added
  99. Welcome our new Moderator awab.ahmad
  100. Congrats BZUPAGES on achieving PR2 in Google..
  101. New forums for BSIT 4th Semester Added
  102. 37 New Games Added in the Arcade Games section
  103. Congratulations Bzupages on 500 Members....
  104. Mns7- 1 of the Best Theme i ever saw
  105. Welcome Our New Moderator
  106. New light theme for IE users
  107. Congrates Our Admin on his 400 Posts...
  108. Free Web2SMS in Pakistan
  109. Easy way to Download Videos from Youtube.com
  110. All New updates in the site on this Eid Saeed
  111. Your Profile Page (Free Subdomain)
  112. Some new Forums on Bzupages Added...
  113. Telecom Section
  114. Congrats BZUPAGES
  115. Plz add a new category
  116. Hosting Moved !!!
  117. How to add youtube Video in the site..
  118. Online Radio/TV Stations and Arcade Game Challenges
  119. Welcome our New Super Moderators on BZUPAGES
  120. Suggestions
  121. We have upgraded the site to VB 3.7
  122. We have Purchased the Original Lisence of the Vbulletin...
  123. FLV player Button in the Editor
  124. User Experience and Ranking Meter on BZUpages
  125. Welcome to Our New Administartors...
  126. New Button in the Message Editor
  127. Why This Site Do,snt sport XLS format
  128. All New Addition in the site on Eid Day
  129. New Theme of the site loaded...
  130. feedback frm shmsa