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  1. Rational Rose Tutorial
  2. 1st Assignment: Inheritance and Its types by sir Maruf Pasha
  3. Software Engineering 2 final term paper; 6th semester by sir muzaffar hameed 14-5-2010
  4. Black BOX - by Danish Hussain
  5. Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI ) Overview
  6. Agile Testing by Patrik Wikström (ebook) lecture after mid
  7. Software Engineering 2 Mid term paper; 6th semester 13-3-2010
  8. Software Reliability Last Lecture Before mid
  9. Software testing process
  10. V Model of Software Testing
  11. Assignment No. 01 (4 Marks) Write a brief note on "Inspection Tools".
  12. Software Verification and Validation for Practitioners and Managers by Steven R.Rakitin
  13. Software Inspection; Quality: Testing, Inspection, And Analysis
  14. Course Outline Software Engineering II