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  1. Final term paper Intro to Software Development BSIT & BSCS 4th By Sir Muzaffar Hameed Computer Science Department
  2. Verification & Validation - Chapter 22(Software Engineering by Sommerville)
  3. Rapid Software Development - Chapter 17(Software Engineering by Sommerville)
  4. Syllabus for Final Term - Software Engineering
  5. ch27-Quality Management (Software Engineering)
  6. GUI & Architecture Design for Transport Management System Khuramz Assaignment (SRS Group 1)
  7. GUI & Architecture Design of Hostel Management System
  8. Test case design
  9. Process and product quality
  10. [Assignment] GUI & Architecture Design of Internet Lab Management System
  11. Assignment GUI and Architecture Design for CS Departmental ID card management system
  12. Assignment5) Architecure Design of the System (2 Marks)* GUI of the system (2 Marks)
  13. User interface design , Chapter16 Software Engineering Ian Sommerville 2004
  14. Mid term paper Intro to Software Development By Sir Muzaffar Hameed Computer Science Department
  15. Software Requirement Specifications and Questionnaire for Hostel Management system By Group 2 BSIT07
  16. Software Architectural Design; lecture slides ch11.ppt
  17. Software Requirement Specifications and Questionnaire for CS Departmental ID Card Management System
  18. Internet Lab Management System (SRS & Questionnaire)
  19. Assignment No. 04 - SRS (Software Requirement Specification)
  20. Assignment No. 03: How "Mantis" is useful for "Project Management" activities.
  21. Assignment of software engineering.On Case tools technology
  22. The Costs and Benefits of Pair Programming
  23. Assignment No.01 On 1.Waterfall Model 2.Evolutionary Development 3.Incremental Mode
  24. Formal Specification Chapter10(Software Engineering by Sommerville)
  25. System models Chapter 8(Software Engineering by Sommerville)
  26. Requirements Engineering Processes Chaper7(Software Engineering by Sommerville)
  27. Software Requirements Chapter6(Software Engineering by Sommerville)
  28. Project management Chapter5(Software Engineering by Sommerville)
  29. Software Processes Chapter4(Software Engineering by Sommerville)
  30. An Introduction to Software Engineering Chapter1(Software Engineering by Sommerville)
  31. Download Book: Software Engineering: A Practitioner's Approach
  32. Course Outlines; Introduction to Software Engineering