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  1. Entrepreneurship sir Ghulam Abbas BSIT-7th-semester Final Term Paper
  2. Chap11 Source of Capital by Shepherd Hisrich, Peters
  3. Chapter#9 The organizational plan by Shepherd Hisrich,Peters
  4. chapter 14: Accessing Resources for Growth from External Sources by Shepherd Hisrich, Peters
  5. Chapter#8 The Marketing plan by Shepherd Hisrich, Peters.ppt
  6. Chapter#7 The Business plan Creating & Starting the Venture by Shepherd Hisrich Peters
  7. Chapter 10: The Financial Plan by Shepherd Hisrich, Peters
  8. Chapter13 Strategies For Growth & Managing The Implications Of Growth by Shepherd Hisrich,Peters
  9. Chapter15 Succession Planning & Strategies for Harvesting & Ending the Venture by Shepherd Hisrich,Peters
  10. Chapter 6 Protecting the Ideas and Other Legal Issues for the Entrepreneur by Shepherd Hisrich
  11. Chapter 5 Identification And Analyzing Domestic And International Opportunities by Shepherd Hisrich
  12. Chapter 4 Creativity and The Business Idea by Shepherd Hisrich Book Entrepreneurship 8th edition
  13. Assignment # 3: Internet can be a source of Advantage for one firm to another
  14. Entrepreneurship sir Ghulam Abbas BSIT-7th-semester Mid Term Paper
  15. Assignment #2 ,for 27 October 2010
  16. Strategic Orientation
  17. How They Did It: Seven Intrapreneur Success Stories
  18. Assignment Entrepreneurship