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  5. Human Resource Management Amhad Tisman Pasha BSIT 7th ,BSIT 3rd and MIT 3rd
  6. Final Term Paper December 2008 Human Resource Management BSIT 3rd Semester
  7. Labor Relation By Tayyba Jahangeer :HRM Gary Desseler:
  8. How to prevent accident? Presentation By Sultan Salahuddin :HRM Gary Dessler:
  9. Appraisal Performance By Muhammad Qaswar :HRM Gary Desseler:
  10. Needs,Motivation,Performance and Pay By Yasir Mustafa :HRM Gary Dessler:
  11. Job Evaluation By Shah rukh :Notice from Gary Dessler:
  12. Career and Career Management Presented By M.Sheraz Anjum:HRM Gary Dessler:
  13. What is an appraisal interview?Types of Interviews By Ajmal Malik :HRM Gary Dessler:
  14. Appraisal Performance By Nazish Yaqoub :HRM gary Dessler:
  15. High Performance Orgnization and Globalization By Danish Hussain:HRM Gary Dessler:
  16. HR & the Internationalization Of Business By Nudrat Rehman :HRM Gary Dessler:
  17. Incentives for manager and executives By Shehbaz :HRM Gary Dessler:
  18. The Cllective Bargaining Process By Nadra Parveen:HRM Gary Dessler:
  19. Training And Maintaining Expatriate Employers By Faisal Rao:HRM Gary Dessler:
  20. Employee Safety by Ahmad Mushtaq : HRM Gary Dessler
  21. What is Grievance By Muddasir Abbas :HRM Gary Dessler:
  22. How to implement a global HR system By Jameela BB :HRM Gary Dessler:
  23. The Union Drive And Election By Qudsiya Zafar:HRM Gary Dessler:
  24. Organization Wide Variable Pay Plans By Khuram Shehzad :HRM Gary Dessler:
  25. Instituting total quality management programs By Ayesha Yaseen:HRM Gary Dessler:
  26. Developing More Effective Incentive Plans By Iram Mumtaz:HRM Gary Dessler:
  27. Establishing Strategic Pay Plans By Saima Asghar:HRM Gary Dessler:
  28. Pay Rates By Aliya Ashraf :Human Resource Management By Gary Dessler:
  29. Enhancing Diversity Through Career Management By Bukhtiar:HRM Gary Dessler:
  30. Performance Management By Memoona Ali: HRM Gary Dessler:
  31. The Employer Role In Career Development By Usman Akhtar:HRM Gary Dessler:
  32. Personal Planing and Family friend Benefits By Sadia Rasheed:HRM Gary Dessler:
  33. Retirement Benefits By Uzma Noreen:HRM Gary Dessler:
  34. Reengineering Business Process By Madiha Fatima:HRM Gary Dessler:
  35. Insurance Benefits By Taha Khan:HRM Gary Dessler:
  36. Types of Changes By Kiran Shakoor:HRM Gary Dessler:
  37. Orientation & Training By Beenish Jahangeer:HRM Gary Dessler:
  38. Training Methods Pros and Cons By Shafaq Mehmood:HRM Gary Desseler:
  39. What is Retirement,Preretirement Counseling,HR Practices for Old Worker:Gary Dessler
  40. Full Notes for Human Resource Management mp3,From Book 11/edition by Gary Dessler
  41. What is a Second Career?
  42. [Presentation] Management Development etc. ch#8 Gary Dessler by Wasif Laeeq
  43. Problems to the Students of CS Dpartment by ME (Wasif Laeeq)
  44. Selection process by Nadra parveen .ppt
  45. Economic Crisis 2008 by imran presentation of HRM.ppt
  46. Hydrophobia human Resource Management by Nudrat Rehman
  47. Pakistani Langauges By M.Asif.ppt
  48. Presentation on Bollywood Indian Movies.By Ajmal Malik
  49. Presentation Blue Tooth By Muddsir.ppt
  50. Characterstics of holy quran Majeed by Uzma Noreen
  51. Presentation on menace of drugs by Nazish Yaqoub.ppt
  52. Jamo Kashmeer Pakistan By Qaswar.ppt
  53. Presentation on F16 By Farukh Ali BIT07-43
  54. Video Conferencing By Shah Mehmood.ppt
  55. Latest nokia mobiles SHERAZ'S presentaition(HRM)
  56. Presentation on social change and its resistances By Kiran Shakoor
  57. Presentation on Shirk,Mushrik By Tayabba Jahangeer
  58. Evolution of the Internet By Usman akhtar17.ppt
  59. What is Motivation By Memona...
  60. Group Discussion By Madiha fatima.ppt
  61. Face to face communication by Sultan Salahuddin
  62. Presentation on EGO by Nimra Irshad.ppt
  63. Globalization.Human Resource Managment Presentation by Khuram
  64. Presentation ON Higher Education System Taha khan
  65. Presentation On Causes Of Corruption By Razeena Ameen
  66. Presentation on Planning by Bukhtyar.ppt
  67. Presentation on Depression By Beenish Jahangeer
  68. Barter System.Human Resource Management By Saima Asghar
  69. Think Outside the Barrel By shah rukh
  70. Ways of Online Earning ( My Presentation Slides)
  71. recuiting
  72. Description and specification
  73. Women's rights in Pakistan