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  1. Report on Nestle Milkpak Ltd
  2. Report on tang by Irum Mumtaz
  3. Presentation and Repoert on Faysal Bank By Faisal Rao
  4. Report on Lever Brother -Fair & Lovely By Shah Rukh
  5. Business Communication BS(IT)2007-2011 Final Term paper , May 19, 2008
  6. Presentation on Intel Processor by M. Arshad
  7. Presentation on Dove Soap by Sultan Salahuddin [BZUPAGES.COM]
  8. Presentation on PTCL by Qaswar
  9. Presentation on New Jublie Insurance by Nudrat
  10. Presentation on Masood Textile Mills by Erum Zahoor
  11. Presentation on Tiger Biscuits by Kiran Shakoor
  12. Telenor Report By Ajmal Faiz
  13. Report on Tang By Erum Mumtaz
  14. Presentation of Imran Khan
  15. Presentation of Hira Tahir RAMADA
  16. Presentation of Asif Shahzad
  17. Presentation of Taha Khan
  18. Plesk Webhosting by PakWaves
  19. Knorr presentation by Memona.
  20. Wolnet presentation by Usman!
  21. Olper's Milk Presentation by Amir Riaz
  22. Report on Mobilink Indigo
  23. My Report on LU Biscuits
  24. Bussiness Communication Mid Term Paper for BSIT 2nd [18 March 2008]
  25. Index for Cover Letters
  26. Cover Letters or Applications [ Two samples ]
  27. Samples of Curriculum Vitae [CV III ]
  28. Samples of Curriculum Vitae [CV II ]
  29. Samples of Curriculum Vitae [CV]
  30. Grammar Exercise
  31. What is your presentation Topic...