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  1. Ai ai ubi ubi ai.
  2. Cute baby couple - kia zamana aa gaya hai
  3. Date Pakri Gai
  4. Hot Water Convert Into Ice...!!! At -30 C
  5. Sweet Boy & Girl...!!! ♥
  6. Wats ur plan??..
  7. kn kn apny boos sy tang ha... take revenge...hahaha
  8. The Biggest Lie ... Lolz
  9. Robotic baby......
  10. Don_t smoke when ur wife is at home.
  11. Easy Love....
  12. Feel D Punch
  13. Hard Footbal, funny hahha,
  14. Sindh Hakomat Wazartain aur Kaarkardagi; No Shame in Their GAME :@ Sharmila Farooqi
  15. Our Sincere Leaderz; Democrats English lol..
  16. Hum sb umeed sy hain....B-ADS....
  17. Who say White Guyz can't dance..
  18. bara aya phenny khan....
  19. Funny Commercial
  20. Difference between Employee & Boss..
  21. sardar ji's ring
  22. Before Marriage And After Marriage.kya ap k sath bhi aisa hay?
  23. look
  24. How to Park Car in a No Parking Area....
  25. New Hair Cut...
  26. Latest Coat (NICE)...
  27. Woman (Use of Inhaler)
  28. Juggler..
  29. Need Glasses..
  30. Theft.. (Be Careful)
  31. Having a Bad Day!
  32. Mouse (Choha) Power Only the strong
  33. Never abbreviate you name..
  34. Never raise a Parrot with Baby..
  35. Pigeons.
  36. Magic..
  37. Girls are headache
  38. Feather Dancing Kitten
  39. Unbelievable man Gymnastic
  40. 1000000 Mega Vat....... Molvi hahaha.. [HQ]
  41. SURPRISE is she normal
  42. Karachi School of Art
  43. Loud Mobile Phone (Funny Video)
  44. Online Office and Boss
  45. Funniest Parashot game
  46. Some fun at office (Apni LifeStyle)
  47. What would you do ?
  48. Wake Ups..
  49. World's Best Women Drivers
  50. Choha and girl
  51. Fire Funny Clip
  52. Oh My Lord Poor Accident
  53. Hum bhi shyad aisay hotay hongay
  54. Some magic tricks with their secretes
  55. Arbi Dancer; LOL; Video
  56. What Happen If Everyone Know Magic
  57. Babies having fun... 3 videos
  58. Can you travel like this
  59. Man In Laal Suhara In Bahawalpur; Gaindon kay Baar main, Jisay Allah Rakhay Usay koon Chakhay
  60. This Happens when you hire a fresh graduate
  61. Funny POLITICS Song; Lakshmi Narayan
  62. Punjbai Girl having fun on a Motor cycle! Do U have such Brave GIRL ? : )
  63. MQM leader Mr.Altaf Hussain with Mustfa kamal
  64. James Bond in China..
  65. Commercial War..Zong V/s Ufone..
  66. Idiots 3 Compilation
  67. Is this True.... ? Alien found in Lahore Pakistan 26th May 2009
  68. IIT G Fashion Show - A Gr8 blunder
  69. George Bush singing
  70. David Cooperfield... (Keep it Secret)
  71. Bobby darling prank calls (Listen and Download Funny Phone calls from Radio Mirchi, Its hot) 25 Clips part4
  72. Bobby darling prank calls (Listen and Download Funny Phone calls from Radio Mirchi, Its hot) 25 Clips part3
  73. Bobby darling prank calls (Listen and Download Funny Phone calls from Radio Mirchi, Its hot) 25 Clips part2
  74. Bobby darling prank calls (Listen and Download Funny Phone calls from Radio Mirchi, Its hot) 25 Clips Part1
  75. How to shoot gun, a guy training his baby.. Watch it carefully
  76. Modeling... Cool Video
  77. After getting up early in the morning... interesting daily life video
  78. Driving in India! Funny Video
  79. Watch it deeply, How long is this...
  80. Molanaaaaaaaa
  81. Oh no! Girl Chew Gum!
  82. Baby eating Lemon.
  83. Maggie Lover
  84. A live fight on Private Tv Channel | Indian Tv Channel between two lovers
  85. Hmmm... See what happened during prayer...
  86. Funny punjabi Audio clip (Peke_Ja_Begum)
  87. Punjabi Funny Nazam (Ajj Ki Pakaye) Audio Clip.
  88. Shocking Joke Video
  89. Watch A funny Video Clip.. and keep smile at your face..found from my email
  90. Listen:Dil Lagi main Aisi Dil ki Lagi ke Dil Kho giya(download full parody song .mp3)
  91. Listen:Ye Meri he Kahani,Ik Ujari si Jawani.Har larka keh raha hay(Zinda Hoon Paroday
  92. watch Two Funny Clips,What Time Is It Italia & I Want To Be A Fly Bird On
  93. Chick Egg Pool player Amazing shot by the Chick.funny Video...
  94. Punjabi Totey - Ho Gae bande
  95. Some Funny Pakistani Songs Parody...
  96. Dil mein Mere hay Dard-e Khisco... [Election2008 Version]