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  1. Mfc (Microsoft Foundation Class ) Assignment.
  2. Lec 5,6 Wizard, SDI, MDI, Controls, Button Lists; By Miss. Sadaf majeed sial
  3. Lect 2 Window - (Visual Programming) Miss. Sadaf majeed sial
  4. Lec 1 Integrated Design Environment IDE -(Visual Programming ) Miss. Sadaf majeed sial
  5. Final Term Paper Visual Programming C++ by Madam Sadaf Sial BSIT 5th
  6. Some Programing Presentations,Visual C++ Color Changer etc..
  7. Project Name: User Data; [Project in VB.NET] Shafaq's group
  8. BSIT 5th Radio [Project in VB.NET]
  9. project, cool web browser in VB.NET.
  10. Final Term Paper Visual Programming by Sir Ahsan Raza (3) Papers BSIT 5th, BSIT 7th and MIT 3rd.
  11. VB Programs by Ahmad Mushtaq
  12. Course for Visual Programing Final BSIT 5th, BSIT 7th & MIT 3rd
  13. Create Matrix using VB Programs by Taha Khan
  14. Factorial Program (by Ahmad Mushtaq)
  15. Factorial and Power Series using Visual Basic code By Wasif Laeeq
  16. Power Series (SIMPLE,EXTENDED) Visual Basic Console Application Code By Wasif
  17. Factorial Series (SIMPLE,EXTENDED) Visual Basic Console Application Code By Wasif
  18. Program using Arrays Final Programs of V.B (M .Sheraz anjum)
  19. Program for Sorting the elements of an Array (bubble Sort) VB Code (By Sheraz)
  20. Program for Linear Search in an Array VB Code (By Sheraz)
  21. Find Sum of Composite Numbers in an Array VB Code (By Sheraz)
  22. Display the Prime Numbers of an Array VB Code (By Sheraz)
  23. Display the Odd Numbers of an Array VB Code (By Sheraz)
  24. Display the Even Numbers of an Array VB Code (By Sheraz)
  25. Find the Average of all elements in an Array VB Code (By Sheraz)
  26. Program to find the Sum of all elements in an Array (By Sheraz)
  27. Program to find the Minimum Number in an Array
  28. Program to find the Maximum Number in an Array (By Sheraz)
  29. (V.B) Chapter11 Exception and Exception Handling in VB last lecture Slides
  30. Finding Minimum element in two dimensional array
  31. Finding Maximum Element in a two dimensional array
  32. Subtracting two matrices of same order
  33. Adding two matrices of same order
  34. Taking transpose of a matrix program code: implementation of 2 dimensional arrays
  35. Copying One Matrix into the other program
  36. Chapter # 7 Arrays
  37. Q3:Jagged Array of 3 rows
  38. Q2:find maximum element in a matrix of 2x2
  39. Assignment Q1:Add two matrices of 2x3 using vb console Application
  40. Presentation slides Control and their properties in Visual Basic, Shery,Khuram,Bukhty (BSIT07-11)
  41. Vb.net 6th ch slides .. Modules, Classes and Procedures dedicated to Mehak
  42. Mid term paper Visual Programming; Sir ahsan raza BSIT07 5th semester, 20 October 2009
  43. Introduction to Visual Basic Programming - Chapter number 3 Visual Programming by Deitel
  44. Control Structures Chapter#5 Visual Programming by Deitel
  45. Structured programming Chapter number 4 Visual Programming by Deitel
  46. Assignmnet#2.3; Display ODD number between 1 to 100 using VB Console Application
  47. Assignmnet#2.2; Identify given number odd/even using VB Console Application
  48. Assignmnet#2.1; Display Table of giving number using VB Console Application
  49. Assignmnet#1; Arithmetic operation using VB Console Application
  50. History of the C family of languages, Assignment #1
  51. V.B slides ( Introduction )
  52. Download VISUAL STUDIO.NET 2005